[Release][EssentialMode] Local chat, local /me, local /do

Here we are, I almost spend 5 hours to search and find a way to make a local chat and local /me and /do commands. Admins here are not very helpfull so I had to search by myself with the nearly non-existant documentation for FiveM and I finnaly managed to get it done. I think for every RP server it’s crucial to have this commands. I want to credit 2 post that help me to create what I wanted and what I release today, they are : xxbeast and MarkViolla.And finnaly here is the link to the files, even if think many of the reader will never read what I just write above: https://mega.nz/#!GUUlyL4Y!fafirW-jws5qU_G4dEwSblsAFCKqlBaVrUHmi4zVVpI .

Finnal note: I’m French, this is why you see some errors in my paragraph.

edit 1: I add a link to the new version of my script that allow you to have a general chat with the command /g at the same time as you have the local chat: https://mega.nz/#!474wHKbY!QFi9HjrIjvP134aWeN2-xkB88ovw4bpJSPWdUKbky1Y . RamboTheGamer is the person ho create this new version, so I want to credit him here.


Ok nice :slight_smile:

merci Vad !! si tu a des scripts pour des boulots je suis intéressé car je n arrive pas a en faire :wink:

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can you please explaint what exactly don’t work ?

j’ai pas encore touché à ça, désolé

With the proximity not working

what happend when you try to speak ?

When i type something everyone can see

maby there is a conflic with other plugins do you add mine to the server config file ?

I just added it as it’s own plugin

so it should work fine. try with a brand new installation and add plugins one by one and see wich one make the conflict

Hello im french sorry for my bad english, but in my server the players can talk et hear themselves anywhere on the map but i would to put a proximity chat please help me

With the ‘n’ button with the microphone

Please tell us how to install it.

explique ton problème en français stp =)

like any other plugins you download here just put the file in ressource and put the name of the file in the server yml config file

bonsoir, j’aimerai que mon serveur les joueurs puissent qu’a proximité au micro avec la touche n contrairement a ce qui s’entendent n’importe ou sur lamap

c’est dans le fichier de config du serveur cherche sur le forum il y a déjà une réponse à ce sujet

Is there a way to take out the requirement of Essentials and it still function

I aswell have the same issue, The commands are all global none are local :slight_smile:

Set up as its own resource etc