[Release][EssentialMode] Me command, Do command and Private Messaging

I already posted a /me command but it was horribly wrong as you was required to edit the sv_admin file through essentialmode, so i made an extra script as well as the me script and made them as a file so you can easily add them to your resource file and add to the AutoStartResources! I am new to scripting so if anything is wrong just comment below and suggest something I should change.

Me command:


Do command:


Private messaging:
This script is good for speaking to your friends privately in your FiveM server! It currently does no work to speak to a person with higher permissions than you, this will be updated soon so you can but for now this is it :slight_smile:

__resource.lua (140 Bytes)

privatemessages.lua (845 Bytes)

The command is /pm [ID] [Message], Also props to my server TeamRace!


Thanks for the like @Streetcorps

I hope everyone finds it useful because when i first started i wanted these exact scripts and i made them i was thinking of not releasing but i know what it feels like when you are first starting out

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No problem @xxbeast i support / respect each developer that releases useful scripts or shares knowledge.

is this local so only nearby players can see it?

No, this is worldwide, if you want it proximity you’ll have to change the script

In my opinion i dont think it make sense to have the /do and /me commands worldwide mostly every server has these commands locally and am pretty sure its not that hard to make them locally.

Then make it :slight_smile:

You talk like I know how to script, If I knew how to script I wouldn’t be writing here now would I. Am just posting my comments so hopefully other people can fix it or modified the script.

can you make it so it dont need essentialsmode

Very cool, it works well in my server!

Dosent seem to be working for me, once i have it installed correctly and edited the autostartresource file, the server freezes

scripts dont work they dont show up in server

They seem to work for Others have you got essentialmode


Private messaging has been added above to the list

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I have Essential Mode and they don’t work. :frowning:

Possible so admins in essentialmode can view the messages?

Where do i put the sv_mecommand.lua and the __resource.lua files please help im new to this thankyou.!

Im trying to learn some lua could you possibly explain what the different parts of the private message script does?

how do u make the /do /me command locally?

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