[Release] DevTools - Standalone Menu for Development

DevTools is a standalone menu which is intended to be used for developers for creating controlled environments to test in, as well as finding values in-game.

This resource is not intended to be used in production, but rather to aid developers in their development process.

Source Code: https://github.com/MoosheTV/DevTools
Download Latest Release: https://github.com/MoosheTV/DevTools/releases

A list of all the features (Current and Planned) can be found in the GitHub README.

How To Use:


  • F1 - Opens up the menu.
  • F2 - Toggles Entity Debugger.
  • F3 - Toggles Noclip Freecam.
  • Up, Left, Down, Right, Enter, Backspace - Menu Navigation
  • MouseWheelUp - Increases Freecam speed.
  • MouseWheelDown - Decreases Freecam speed.
  • W/A/S/D, Q/E - Freecam control.
  • Alt - 4x Freecam speed
  • Shift - 2x Freecam speed
  • Ctrl - 0.25x Freecam speed
  • RightClick - Reset/Set Target in the Entity Debugger.


Main Menu:

Entity Debugger:


I haven’t tested this yet, but is it ACE permission based? If not, you should do it.

Overall, pretty good menu.


This thing is laggy or what? because most of the menus that has been released were too laggy and making your FPS go below 10.

I’ve not had any issue with it being laggy. Which menu is causing you to lag?

Make sure discord isnt running in the background

May I request a Location manager for your Ped and the Gameplay Cam including rotation for the cam?

I usually grab those, format the numbers as default floats are way too long.

I am currently using a small dirty command based version of this. To manage them in seperate lists, which i can reload at my leisure and add more. Was too lazy to implement slicing for me.

Also I feel like the NoClip is better off using Q and E to rotate around the z-Axis and Space and (I think) Shift (or was it Control?) to ascend and descent. I never tried if A and D are the rotation though, but I feel those should be sideway movement.


By “rotate around the Z Axis”, do you mean pitch/roll? At the moment, WASD controls moving forward/backward and left/right on the X/Y axis with the Z axis being controlled by the pitch of the camera. Q and E control the direct value of the Z axis.

Just turning left and right without moving in that direction, that is rotation around the z-Axis.

Nice work, definitely could come in useful.

Useful!!! :heart_eyes:

Yea, This looks pretty, I have to give it a try

I used it now just quickly.

  • F1 should also close the menu.
  • Make the FoV (SetCamFov) on the camera adjustable. The default value looks pretty low.

Version 1.0.1 is now available.


  • Add Multiplayer menu
  • Add IPL Loader
  • Add Interior Prop Loader
  • Add Vehicle Liveries
  • Add Version Checking

good this script was really helpful

client wont load after that… any installation guide would be good.

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i get a json access denied error after updating

Can you make a guide how to download it?

its nice to add an option to only allow admins to use this or add ace for it


It would be awesome if he did that :;D

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does this still works ?! what do i need to run it any requirements ?! it says it couldnt load resource when i try to get in server…