[Release] Custom Maps

Hello everyone!

To get more diversity among the servers and more ‘unique-ness’ I will upload several custom maps. Do note, these maps are not created by me. I will provide links to the authors, if you have any request - please post them in a comment and I will make sure that every once in a while I will add some links to this topic.

How to install these maps:
  1. Download the map
  2. Extract the resources into your server/resources folder.
  3. Add the resource name to your citmp-server.yml
  4. Play!

###Bullworth 0.1 Alpha
Author: GTARandom
Source: GTA5-mods.com

###Vice City
Author: Jestic
Source: GTA5-mods.com

###Go Kart
Author: avail, KOHDYKTOP, FreeZiic
Source: GTA5-mods.com

###Fantasy Hill
Author: avail, hjp533
Source: GTA5-mods.com

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this is for replace original map or add new map? And what about Liberty City? I want sportcars, mansions the beach.

It’s a replace, not sure… Liberty City never got converted I think…

Any way to change server map from plugin? And ideally keep clients connected?


Mmmmmmmmmm, what about San Andreas?

I know its only a port and will be low def, but perhaps someone would retexture it?

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liberty city and san andreas are half ported not 100% finished yet collision missing buildings etc

Does half ported mean someone is still in the process of doing this?

or are they done.

This would be ideal, but a pain. R* obviously has trouble keeping people together while migrating. Have you ever played one of their jobs? It takes FUCKING forever to load, God only knows what is being executed in the background.

well means they were in the process of making it or working on it but i have personally not seen any updates from them for months so idk what happened with the guy but they’re on the GTA5MODS page you can find them all in there gta 3 VC , 4 , SA , and a lot of other custom maps like ghostown etc


###authors page

hello ,

This possible for this map ?

Yes it did right here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-v-liberty-city-gta-iv

I will have a look at those two tomorrow, standby!

Thanks so much dude if you get it to work please upload them realy need it!

Are you making progress or still nothing?

track mania map


I’ve never seen any servers any custom maps :frowning:

To note to anyone interested, we support all these custom maps as one click solutions via our Five Reborn hosting service

@nater431 there is a bunch


The custom Map is broken !!
I have 2 serveur with custom map ( Frensh riviera and Liberty City ) But after the laste update this impossible to load the map…
I have been change the CitizenMP.Server.exe but nothink work…
For my other serveur with normal map this good after change the CitizenMP.Server.exe , just for custom map.
I havent any error! Just I way , wait , wait ??

Ok I have found problem … The Loadingscreen! :hand_splayed:

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Whad do you say about it? LINK

Will it be supported by FiveM/projectΛ ?