[Release] ‘Crackdown’ Missions System v3 Checkpoint/Race Missions (BETA)


This is a branch of the main resource here: https://github.com/ddraigcymraeg/mrp-missions

Main thread here: [Release] 'Crackdown' Missions System v3 & GitHub for your own missions

Was glad to finally see a great racing/checkpoint public resource thanks to Brent_Peterson’s awesome StreetRaces, which this resource uses and adapts [Release] StreetRaces - Multiplayer Races with Checkpoints, HUD and more [v1.00]

All credit to Brent_Peterson

This Beta resource is an extension of my mission system, and also incorporates and adapts Brent’s resource to create checkpoint missions which essentially require players to race against the mission clock, against themselves, with hateful and well armed enemy NPCs trying to stop them. Players in a vehicle that cross a checkpoint first ‘claim’ that checkpoint to win $ once the mission is completed. Players in a vehicle that get to the last checkpoint win $$ and the race. Enemies will be defending checkpoints, or showing up along the course, so strategy needs to be employed, since some fighting will be needed typically to make way through.

When a player dies, they go back to the mission safehouse, or start, but Mission Reinforcement Drops already built into the resource can be laid down, and then used after respawn, to quickly teleport/drop back into the action.

Here’s a video of me playing through Mission45 and what can happen, using mission reinforcement drops etc… as well. (My player is extra tough (in ‘Crackdown’ mode) and a mission setting is on that makes the player’s bike invincible)

The Checkpoint missions are Missions45 -> Missions51. Missions45 & Missions46 are regular missions. The other missions are randomly generated (configurable) to create checkpoints on land and/or water , along with randomly generated enemies., among other options. Mission46 also is a race w.o. enemies.
Install mrp-missions-3_SR_Beta and mrpStreetRaces

You will also need to install the 2 DLC ipl resources in the included shadowstate-missionpack.zip for Mission 45 & 46 to work. As well as for other previous missions that require ipls. But it is not required, since most missions do not use it.

EDIT: Updated the resource to turn off a setting… basically, set Config.SafeHouseDoInvincibleVehicles=false instead of true in Missions.lua

mrp-missions_SR_Betav1.1.zip (413.6 KB)

fyi, Dont start or create races like you would in the original StreetRaces resource, you would launch a mission in mrp-missions to create the mission/race.


Always great content. Thanks

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Looks awesome! goodjob

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Thanks guys, its fun coding with FiveM and GTA5 engine. The resource codebase is a shambles and really needs to be cleaned up, since it mutated overtime, and this also follows that pattern, but it should work fine, and creating your own missions should be easy and straightforward to do.
Updated to v1.1, posted in OP.

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you should clean it up :smiley:

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I know the feeling :rofl:

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Any non rp script should get a heart!!! They will bring the mod to next level.

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