[RELEASE] CleanUI (cui) character

In the “es_extended” settings
Config.Multichar = true - Enable support for esx_multicharacter

help :frowning:

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i have no errors but im stuck there and i can’t see my character

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I have a problem where ESX_Identity registration menu pops up in addition to Cui_Character. How can I remove the ESX_Identity registration menu?

esx_identity the fxmanifest
remove or block

– [[
ui_page ‘html / index.html’

files {
‘html / index.html’,
‘html / js / script.js’,
‘html / css / style.css’,
‘html / img / esx_identity.png’
]] –

somenone have a other clothing store like renzu or rcore to work with cui?
or does anyone know how to make both functional together?

i like the char creator and the wardrobe function. but clothing shop is unfortunately a bit cumbersome and unfortunately no prices

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someone can help?

have no hairs in the barber shops? :frowning: