[RELEASE] CleanUI (cui) character

i must deactrivate esx_skin and skinchanger ? i have the Problem that esx_skins open after char creation?! what can i do pls

that would be very nice. whats with addon clothes ? tthat work with this ressource?

Hello how i can change the coordonate of the first spawn player thanks a lot ! =)

Hey, currently I tried to add cui character, but i’ve encountered a weird problem, i have 2 models, one works from cui character and second is from idk where.

hey, the standalone mode is activate but stil ask the es extended… no i remove the dependecis in the fx manifest and i spawn invisible and cant moove

Hi i see that many have problems with double models when creating a character.

If u use ESX and followed the installation manuel correctly:

Many scripts will ensure the start of other scripts. This means that you can not only remove the start esx_skin from your server config. You need to remove esx_skin from all fxmanifest that ensures the start or just delet the esx_skin files.

Hope this helps feel free to contact me for support on double models.
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Can anyone help me to get that work within codedesign multichar? :confused:

Hey i have a little problem, when i finish the creation of the Char i get at the end the Skin Menu, how i can fix this?