Regarding the "Los Santos Tuners" DLC

Continuing on the concept of the past announcements regarding DLC updates, here’s another one for the Los Santos Tuners release for GTAO next Tuesday.

What we have now

Currently, build 1604, 2060 and 2189 are all functional. In addition to that, build 2189 was supported in a record 1 day (Merge branch 'feature/port-to-2189' into master-pub · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub - the same day as the update released, with actual network game functionality following 3 days later in tweak(shared): more reliable game build switching + 2189 support · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub).

What we’re planning

  • As per usual, the existing releases will all continue to work fine with the updated base game.
  • On launch day, we’ll release the weekly production release after the update launches, with two changes to ensure compatibility:
    • Delta patches from the new build down to 1604, 2060 and 2189 for fast initial downloads.
    • Blocking of assets from the new update when loaded as user resource on older releases. This is blatant piracy, and also only led to various compatibility issues when the new release actually gets supported and used. This means you’ll have to wait, but we will hopefully hit the 1-week target for new release support fine.
  • Within 1-2 weeks from release (2060 took 9 days, 2189 took 1-3 days), we’ll add the ability to enable the new build as a DLC level on your server. It however will probably have a number of unforeseen little regressions and issues, which is why it’s behind an opt-in.
  • We may finally end up porting debug information to newer game builds, which hopefully should allow 2189 or the new build to be set as ‘default’ game launch option for new servers.

Future game platform stuff

With the V next-gen update for PC only releasing in February 2022 or later, not much can be said about this. Portable game support (FiveM mobile) is still pending ‘someone having time to work on it’, where the same goes for using the same technology for Linux support and/or OneCoreUAP support such as Xbox SystemOS with dev unlock.

Sadly, Apple blocked JIT on iOS again, so no iOS port any time soon. :frowning:


wow keep up the good work!

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sounds like progress! good work :slightly_smiling_face::+1:





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“Fivem Mobil” :open_mouth:

Bring Fivem to Nintendo too. Please :pleading_face:

The current Switch is not remotely powerful enough for this, and future consoles likely won’t have any en-masse hackable versions exist.

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Pleaaaaaaseee add the new tuner cars update into FiveM pleaaaaseeee! :heart:


We look forward to the new compilation from the FiveM community, as always great work from the CitizenFX team!:orange_heart:


I’m so damn hyped for this upcoming release!


I’m looking forward to this shit as always a great job from the CitizenFX team


Can’t wait! :smiley:

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As a fine cook once said:

Finally some good news


I can’t wait too see fivem in 1-2 years :heart_eyes:
The Tuner update look just amazing :clap:


you guys are doing great work, keep it up!

Im just waiting for you guys get all caught up with the dlcs from online tbh all these dlcs cars that just came out would make five m so good


Yeah, same. We’re missing so many vehicles, and while one could theoretically stream it with a resource, you don’t want to have to use extra bandwidth and make people download extra for something that’s already in GTA V. So hopefully they manage to get caught up with the DLCs. Plus, there’s some new blips that have come out in recent years that would be nice to take advantage of. Whatever the case though, keep up the good work guys.

you can use every blips of GTA:O, the FiveM documentation is just not up to date on that, try searching for an updated list online :stuck_out_tongue:

Cayo Perico is already available. The only missing DLC (for now) is the new one

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