Intent to Implement: "The Cayo Perico Heist" update compatibility


As Rockstar announced the Christmas 2020 update for GTA V, The Cayo Perico Heist with a release date of December 15, 2020, it is time for another post expressing intent to implement.

What we have now

At this point, we support both build 1604 (Arena Wars) as well as build 2060 (Los Santos Summer Special) side-by-side as a launch-time server configuration.

In addition to that, build 2060 has barely any functionality differences compared to build 1604, other than reduced diagnostics.

What we’re planning

Once the new update releases, the following will happen:

  • FiveM is still playable on both build 1604 as well as 2060 thanks to our Game Cache technology.
  • We’ll expand the b2060 cross-build functionality to also offer support for the next GTA V build as a third supported mode.
    Last time, this took 9 days from release. (DLC release August 11, first support on canary August 20). We are expecting a similar time frame until first release of compatibility, depending on external research into DRM logic as well as native table generation succeeding.
  • Compatibility will be retained across all of these builds, such as the marker issue on 2060, as well as any new issues with eventual placement of the Cayo Perico map addition.
  • Eventually, but before the summer 2021 update to GTA V (which should be paired with the release of the 9th-generation enhanced version of GTA V), we will update the default launch build (and used for diagnostic tools as well as all non-enforcing servers) to this new build.
    This did not happen for build 2060 due to its small size, and also as Rockstar had already announced the Christmas 2020 update would be a lot more substantial: it was not seen as worth the transition trouble it’d bring over fixing other issues users experience.

The future thereafter

With the 9th generation GTA V updates being pending for 2021, we can’t say much about the future regarding game compatibility there, such as with the free-to-play versions of GTA Online, as well as the 9th-generation enhanced updates on PC, for Rockstar has still not announced much about this.

However, we have a number of surprises and improvements scheduled for 2021, such as potentially expanding FiveM to new platforms other than the Win64 PC platform. Maybe a :pouch:, or a :black_large_square:?


Hyped for this to come to FiveM in the future!

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Great news, hopefully, everything goes relatively smoothly. :yum:

aw yissss

let’s goo

Yay, black square!

This is going to be the best GTA/FiveM update ever imo. I may actually play gtav online again for a bit before I quit again due to the modders

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what does the blacksquare mean tho

Also, cannot wait for this. I hope the road to implementation can go smoothly :mascot:

Right there with ya they were making it impossible to even play!