Regarding the "Los Santos Tuners" DLC

@CritteR Ah ok, I was under the impression that it wasn’t. That’s good to know then.
@Tonybyn_Mp4 Ah I see. I’ll have to take a look then.

Still pretty to new to all this, so apologies for the misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

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Was told by my buddy that they are still behind in the new dlcs

Nope. Every server can set their game version to 2189, which is Cayo Perico. And then they have access to all the new cool stuff.

The server needs to be set specifically to the latest dlc build. Which as of the moment I’m typing this is b2189.

So basally my friend can have all dlcs cars up to the cayo perico dlc

Right, read on the forum how you can enable the b2189 and even have the island.