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  • Uses FiveM Asset Escrow System, but if there is anything you would like to get changed or added to the editable file, you can always contact me.

  • Features

    • Houses
      • Houses can be added:
        • With a command (/addhouse interior price)
          • By default, 8 different interiors (but all K4MB1 shells are set up in the config already)
        • In the database by the server owners
      • House menu
        • Change lock status
          • Changes house lock status (either locked or unlocked)
            • When unlocked, other players can enter the house
            • Police can enter all houses
        • Change code
          • Allows you to change the house code
            • If other players don’t have access to a house and it is locked, the only way they can access it is with the code
        • Add access
          • Add access to house for other players
          • Access will stay over restart
          • Players with access can also open and lock the door and furnish the house
        • Remove access
          • Remove access from players
        • Sell (only outside)
          • Sell back percentage can be set in the config
        • Doorbell (only outside)
          • Pressing it will alert the house owner
          • The house owner can either let the person who pressed the doorbell in or deny the request
        • Lockpick (only outside)
          • Once started, you will get a lockpicking minigame and if you succeed, you will get inside the house
          • Will send an alert the house owner
          • You can configure how many players with access to the house are needed in order to be able to lockpick a house, you can also disable the feature
        • Furnish (only inside)
          • Furniture can be purchased and sold at the furniture shop
          • You can use your mouse or keyboard to move furniture
          • Storages act as storage (you can store items in them)
            • They also have the menu with codes, locks, access, etc.
            • You can specify max weight and slots for different storage object models
          • Wardrobes act as wardrobes (you can change clothes in them)
        • Remove furniture (only inside)
        • Kick players (only inside)
          • Kick out players inside your garage
    • Garages
      • You can enable garages and you can then integrate your own garage script in the editable script files
    • Supports ox_target, ox_lib and ox_inventory
    • Well-optimised
    • English and finnish locales
    • Highly configurable and extremely easy to use




Purchase (24.99€ + VAT)

My other QBCore Scripts

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~5000
Requirements qb-core, mysql or oxmysql, K4MB1 Starter shells
Support Yes

Great job! I use esx but it seems good for qb core!


Update 1.0.1

  • Fix error when player was loading and a house owner was changed
  • Improve shell loading to prevent falling through

Are all k4mb1 shells listed in config I don’t have to do anything ?

Yes, all K4MB1 shells are in config.

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What numbers are the k4mb1 shells adding house

The house number is the shell index in config, so first shell is 1, second 2 and so on

I’m getting invalid interior index ???

Make sure you have house interiors set correctly in config and you are using the command correctly. By default house interior can be a number from 1 to 8.

Update 1.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes

Update 1.0.3

  • Minor changes to shell loading
  • Add possibility of lockpicking storages

Update 1.0.4

  • Minor fix