[PAID] [STANDALONE & QB & ESX ] Bodycam | real time recording

Script properties :

1.It allows them to use my bodycam to get real-time screen recording for occupations such as the Police and the sheriff, and to re-display them.


2.You can filter records by a specific date.

3.People with the profession rank you specify have the authority to delete records.


4.Records are kept using discord webhook, and videos that continue due to the discordon upload limit are divided into 30-second parties on the discord.


5.Registration information is stored as JSON data.


6.Used for JavaScript and HTML screen recording, so the fps is reduced as much as possible.

7.Uses 0.0 to 0.01 ms while the script is active.


  1. Configurable settings via Config (video quality, commands, jobs)


open source , does not contain encryption

For the standalone version, you must edit the user information functionality based on your server

function getPlayerInfo(source)
    local result = MySQL.Sync.fetchAll("SELECT * FROM users WHERE identifier = @identifier", {
        ['@identifier'] = source
    if result[1] ~= nil then
        local identity = result[1]
        return {
            firstname = identity['firstname'],
            lastname = identity['lastname'],
            job = identity['job'],
            job_grade = identity['job_grade']
        return nil


Because of the recording program that I used extra in the preview video, the video is fluctuating and recordings are received more. here’s a recording of my bodycam at 720p 60fps settings : previwe2

You can select the video format from JavaScript as mp4 instead of webm, which allows you to get better quality recording, but the file size will increase by 2 times the average.

module via @utkuali - utk-render



BUY NOW 30 $


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finally it’s released thank you bro

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it can change to eng?


Yes, it’s a fully open source code you can do any translation you want

Where are the recorded videos stored?

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Due to the Discord video upload limit, the video needs to be split up and uploaded. Those with a limit of more than 8mb can extend this time with the new config, and previously purchased persons can access the update with a customer perm over the discord.

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good job mate

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the play back looks super choppy in your video, do you have a link to one of the bodycam videos uploaded to discord to show how smooth it is?

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You can set the recording fps and resolution from within the script.

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when will there be a standalone version?


I’ll add a standalone version in 1 day

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Standalone version now added @Tidzianoo

Does this support ESX Legacy?

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@OppCity Uses player information and callback for ESX supports all esx versions , You can also use the stand-alone version for different frames and work on it for your own frame.

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Does the video play back sound/voice as well or just video? Would love to use this in my server for my officers but would need sound playback as well.

only video

Resolution set to 360p, users get massive FPS drop. Also when server is populated random people freeze up hard for a good five seconds while all emergency services are using body cam. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m talking from 50/40 to 15/10 fps.

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Weird we have zero issues running it. Weirder thing is it run client side only as it uses utk render so it shouldn’t affect other players at all when someone is recording

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We can do testing to see if it affects players near the person using Bodycam, unsure on that. I just noticed that when I use it personally I drop from 50 fps to 10-15 fps when it’s running. I’ve also heard others complain they get around same fps when using it. Some I know have good PCs and are always in the 30-60 fps. I will see if it affects people near you when using it. As far as I know it’s only affecting the person that’s actually using the bodycam when it’s activated.