[PAID] [STANDALONE & QB & ESX ] Bodycam | real time recording

Are you running like a super wide screen as that could affect it.

I know. But utk is still using full render of your screen. Thats why i say that.

They did post somthing in ther dcord about lag for it in a update. Not sure if that update is in keymster cuz they said open a ticket for it.

I had a ticket open, never said anything about an update. Essentially yes I am running a huge monitor, but the issue isn’t affecting me as I record from nvidia. It’s more so the community members that are having the issues when using it and I notice even when people get near me while recording with the bodycam script I get horrible fps myself and im not even recording or using the bodycam script. I get a solid 30-60 fps normally.

A script that works on the client only uses resources for players who use it, and there’s no way anyone who doesn’t.

Does this capture the sound in-game? Like players talking etc.

Saw this.

Is it easy to make the standalone work? Im unsure what to do with it