[PAID] [Standalone] high-3dsounds | The best audio system

Thank you, keep me updated on this

hmm cant seem to get it to work right, its all loading and no conflicts i can see, but testing the car radio its very quiet when im outside with the door open. and how do i play youtube or mp3?

For playing youtube songs just put their link. Its very quiet because you probably have Music Volume setting turned down in GTA audio settings

Hello I seem to be having issues playing sound files with looped set to true for both Play3dEntity and Play3dPos. Does this work or do I need to set up something for it to work?

I have an ambience script with an array of positions, file name, and distance and would be helpful to only iterate it once on init then have them loop rather than doing it the less efficient way of running it in a while loop ever X amount of seconds

Better support creator of xsound, and buy his radio on rcore shop :slight_smile:

His vehicle radio is supported by high-3dsounds for a reason - to support rcore.

Hello, we’ve fixed these issues in an update that was released today, download latest version from keymaster.

Hi there.
Is it also possible to play streamed audio like icecast from personal computer and those online radio stations?

Hey, it is possible as long as it is an mp3/ogg/wav or other type of format online link. Radio stations have been tested out with mp3

Does this support being used for a mlo so when you walk out side the mlo door or X amount away the sound is changed.

Hey, that is planned for the near future!

How near would you say.

In the next month, probably.

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  1. will this ever be dev’d to “provide xsound”

  2. Is there compatibility with other phones like qs-smartphone?

You have to be asking that to Quasar tbh

Already talked to Quasar, he’s advised me to ask the developer if they intend to work with him or not.

  1. It is already a “provide xsound” alternative.
  2. Not yet, we’re working on it