[PAID] Make your own Cameras | CCTV Cameras Kit

OSM-CAMERAS | Create your own cameras and Watch them from anywhere
Guard them, make sure they are safely hidden so no one can steal or disable them.

Am very confident that any other script based on the same idea does not exist at the moment. Though I could be wrong. Its a good addition to your Server, and something you won’t already find on many servers.

  • 2 Types of Cameras (Single Heading and 360 Degrees)
  • A Camera Viewer UI
  • 3 Target options to Enable/Disable and Take away Cameras.
  • All Cameras save to DB, get re-spawned every restart.
  • All Item Codes and SQL Files are included.
  • Over 900 Lines of Optimized Self Written Code
  • Everything is in a Single Script, the Camera UI as well as the Viewer.

No Encryption or IP Locks
You can edit each and everything available in the script. Nothing is encrypted or locked.

Please watch the script preview for more details.


  • QBCore
  • Gamebuild 2189 or above
  • qb-target

YOUTUBE PREVIEW (Try to watch the entire preview, there is a lot till the END.






You can always message me for any queries, or comment them down below.
Script Price - USD 29.99 as set by me after discussion from my friends and clients, could vary as per your Location.

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