[PAID] CodeM-VeniceHUDV2


This script is an upgraded version of Venice HUD v1. It contains 3 different status hud with 3 different speedometer.


  • 3 Different Status HUD
  • 3 Different Speedometer
  • Optional built-in stress system
  • User friendly server shorcuts on UI also can be toggle via config.
  • Built-in toggle engine
  • Cinematic mode
  • Ability to hide hud
  • Nitro system synchronized between players
  • On/off for top right hud
  • Turning nitro on/off via config
  • The hud icons in the settings and the actual hud are put in the same position
  • Stress boost values via config
  • Hud shutdown when opening map
  • Config for Nitro’s power
  • Config to disable engine power on/off
  • Changing the color of watermark text via config
  • Reduce and enlarge speedometer and status hud settings
  • Optimized resmon
  • Ammo hud.
  • Drag and drop system
  • You can hide hud elements according to certain values. (Dynamic Status)
  • Advanced and detailed in game Settings to adjust every color of the hud, position etc.

Love from CodeM. Peace!

Also avaliable on CodeM Premium 1 Month and Venice AIO (Escrow)


Video Preview



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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 9188
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes

Nice work❣️


That looks realy good :heart:

best hud ya

nice ui!

Best hud in fivem

whats the resmon on this?

The best hud in fivem what i see!

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CodeM ON TOP! :heart:

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BEST HUD IN THE WORLD!!! :heart: Thank you :pray:

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Great work

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High quality scripts and perfect support team :clinking_glasses:

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love the HUD give our city that nice little touch, great work


thank u bro

thank u brother

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Fantastic support and super quick! The Hud is beautiful and responsive. The customization is top notch! Everyone in the server is loving the new look. I especially love the 3 different speedometers/huds your players can choose from. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what else you bring next :slight_smile:

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thank u bro

Hello, has your speedo meter Gear ratios with a Neutral and Reverse function?