[PAID] BulgaR Madam Nazar BlackMarket/Market [RedEM:RP] - (Buy/Sell Weapons/Items/More)(Random Locations)

BulgaR Madam Nazar Market/BlackMarket [RedEM:RP] - (Buy/Sell Weapons/Items/More)(Random Locations)

Madam Nazar is a place where you can sell or buy stuff (You can add whatever you want).

This script is a great solution if you have scripts like grave robbing, house robbery or any other that give you income items.

How It Works:

  • There is 8 random Madam Nazar locations, u can add more if u want with a small script edit.
  • Madam Nazar location changes witch every server restart or plugin restart.
  • We can turn on an additional NPC, who sells informations about the current location of the Madam Nazar Market. → [PREVIEW]
  • The informant NPC is marked on the MAP, but the marker can be disabled if we want the players to find him without any help. → [PREVIEW]
  • We can also completely disable the informant, then players will have to find Madam Nazar on the map without any help.
  • We can buy 2 types of information: → [PREVIEW]
    – Single Information, only for the current game session.
    – Permanent Information that saves in the database whether a character has purchased it, and provides a blip that always shows Madam Nazar’s location on the map even after a reconnect or server restart.

Additional Informations:

  • Items are not included, you must provide your own. / The one we used in the script are just examples
  • We can have multiple informants if we want. / Easy to add in config.lua → [PREVIEW]
  • We can turn on discord logs that show all user actions like: Buy/Sell. → [PREVIEW]
  • Fully optimized.

VORP Version:

Full Preview
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