[PAID] Automatic Map Cleaning 4€


Are you tired of having to constantly remove wrecked, abandoned or improperly parked vehicles? The massive presence of vehicles on your server causes some drops of fps? Then WaveMapCleaner is perfect for you! Already Tested in live with +250 players and worked perfectly.


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WaveMapCleaner - 4€


  • 0.0ms idle / 0.0ms while deleting vehicles
  • Autom atic cleaner ( every x minutes )
  • Vehicles Cleaner
    • Check Vehicle Engine/Body Health
    • Check if vehicle is on all wheels
    • Check if anyone sitting in vehicle
    • Clear abandonated vehicles on road
    • You can clear specific vehicles if you want like cars,boats,heli,plane,bike,etc
    • You can clear vehicles if they match with configured plates ( like rent cars, police,ambulance cars, etc)
    • You can set up zone where you want/don’t want vehicles to be cleared
  • Peds Cleaner
    • Will delete deads peds (not players ) and their vehicles if they are in.
  • Console & Chat Command
  • Event setted up
  • Customizable Language

Config Example

waveMapCleaner = {
    TimeToWaitBeforeCleaningWhenNotificationSent = 5, --seconds
    AutoCleaner = {
        enable = true,
        timerInMinutes = 30, -- will clear every given time
    ClearVehicles = {
        enable = true,
        CheckBodyHealth = true,
        MaxBodyHealth = 300.0, --between 0 and 1000
        CheckEngineHealth = true,
        MaxEngineHealth = 300.0, --between 0 and 1000
        CheckIsVehicleOnAllWheels = true,
        CheckIsAnyoneSittingIn = true,
        ClearAbandonatedVehiclesOnRoad = true,
        ClearVehiclesOnlyOnRoads = false,
        AllowClearOnTypes = {
            AllTypes = true, -- if false, will enable options under this one
            ["Car"] = false,
            ["Boat"] = true,
            ["Heli"] = true,
            ["Jetski"] = true,
            ["Plane"] = true,
            ["QuadBike"] = true,
            ["Train"] = true,
            ["Bicycle"] = true,
            ["Bike"] = true,
        AllowClearOnPlates = {
            AllPlates = true, -- if false, will enable options under this one
            Plates = {
        ClearZones = { -- you can leave it tempty if you want to disable this option
            {position = vector3(0.0,0.0,0.0),distance = 50.0, clear = true}, -- will clear 50 meters around the position
            {position = vector3(0.0,0.0,0.0),distance = 50.0, clear = false}, -- will not clear 50 meters away the position
    ClearPeds = {
        enable = true,
        ClearDeadsPeds = true,
        ClearUnderHealth = 1, --between 1 and 200
    Command = {
        commandName = "clearmap",
        enableFromClient = true,
        AuthorizedLicenses = {
            ["license:171a23d246444c95bd897754beb26aa197ab3570"] = true,
    Event = {
        enable = true,
        eventName = "WaveMapCleaner:clearMap", -- you can trigger this event from client->server to clear the map, easy to integrate in a menu or idk
    Texts = {
        ["notification"] = "Notification",
        ["map_will_be_cleaned"] = "Map will be cleaned in %s seconds...",
        ["cleaning_map"] = "Cleaning Map...",
        ["cleaned_map"] = "Map has just been cleaned",

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Will it work fine with onesync infinity?

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yes, as i said i tested it in a server with +250 players

This can be achieved easily for free, I don’t understand the price tag lol

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4 euros not everyone has the abilities to make this script if aint gonna say nothing good :shushing_face:

This script do it in an efficient way, 0.0ms while deleting vehicles and you have a lot of features.

Doubt it removing 25-50+ vehicles on 0.00ms lol

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lemme do a little video then

or Untitled (streamable.com)

Yea thats client sided, but what about the server?

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or here

Theres isn’t even a spike in the server one… memory = 0 lol
And the client suddenly spike up?

client pass event to delete the entity on the server side, and yes the client just grow at 0.01 it deleted +50 vehicle this time ur right

Why not just delete the entity on the server, when you already are in control of the entities there?

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checking all entities on the map from the server would consume more

But how would the player be in control of entities outside his scope?

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each client checks if the nearby entities should be deleted or not

Okay, that makes sense :blush:

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But it could lead to some vehicles not being deleted, because there isn’t and players in the scope.
But maybe they would be despawned as of theres isn’t any clients close to it.

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