[Paid] Advanced Ownable Shops [ESX/QB]

Introducing system that allows dynamic creation of unlimited number of ownable shops on a live server!


  • Changeable Locales
  • Enable/Disable Version Checking
  • Supported inventories
    • Ox Inventory
    • QS Inventory
    • QB Inventory
  • Supported targets
    • ox_target
    • qb-target
  • Robbery minigame
    • Supporting OX LIB Circle
    • Pure Minigame
    • Mhacking
    • Lockpick minigame
  • Logs
    • Enable/Disable
    • Bot Name
    • Webhook
    • Use Steam Name
    • Changeable colors
  • Changeable price for changing name
  • Whitelisted Jobs ( COPS )
  • Changeable robbery reward
  • Changeable robbery progress time
  • Changeable robbery animtion
  • Changeable currency type
  • Changeable controls
  • Commands
    • /shops - Create Shop, Shop List, Delete Shop, Refresh Data
    • /deleteshop - Delete Selected Shop
  • Create Shop Function
    • Shop Name
    • Shop Price
    • Shop Ped
    • Shop Owner ( not required )
    • Shop Currency
    • Blacklist Items ( not required )
    • Enable/Disable Shop Blip
    • Enable/Disable Shop Robbery
  • Boss Menu
    • Shop Info
    • Changing Name
    • Manage Items
      • Add Item
      • Item List
        • Change price
        • Take item from stock
    • Withdraw Money
    • Deposit Money
    • Sell Shop
  • Edit Shop
    • Enable/Disable Blip
    • Enable/Disable Robbery
    • Teleport to shop
    • Change Name
    • Change Price
    • Update Balance
    • Manage Ownership
    • Manage Items
    • Change Ped
    • Change Safe Prop
    • Change Currency
    • Change Blacklist
    • Move Ped
    • Move Boss Marker
    • Move Safe
    • Change Cops Requirement
    • Change Robbery Cooldown
    • Edit Blip
    • Delete Shop

For better understanding of script, check Preview Video


Worth mentioning

  • The script has been thoroughly tested with the latest versions of all the scripts listed in the requirements section. We can ensure that the script is compatible and functions as intended when using these up-to-date dependencies. However, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the script with older versions of the required scripts. It is highly recommended to use the specified latest versions to ensure the best performance and compatibility.


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Code is accessible Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3900+
Requirements oxmysql, ox_lib, esx/qb
Support Yes

can you optimize this?


It looks very good! need this!

Can you open ticket

you already have the ticket open

:page_facing_up: Update v1.0.1

  • Script optimization
  • Fixed version check

Is there anychance to get this done wot core inventory or a simple nui to buy suff

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Core inventory may be in the future

when the shop is robbed does the owner loose revenue?
Does it rely on inventory for UI for shop sales?

Can you sell your own items, from your own inventory?

Well done!

when the shop is robbed does the owner loose revenue? No but nice idea for next update :slight_smile:
Does it rely on inventory for UI for shop sales? No you can disable inventory in config and use menu
Can you sell your own items, from your own inventory? Yes you can

:page_facing_up: Update v1.0.9

  • Script optimization
  • Added support for ox and qb target

:page_facing_up: Update v1.1.0

  • Added bridge folder, now the script automatically registers whether you are using esx or qbcore framework
  • Client Side Optimization ( in use resmon from 0.05 to 0.03, when not in use 0.0 )
  • Server Side Optimization ( crashes, server resmon is now lower )
  • Added align menu and textui in config
  • Added support for core, ps and lj inventory
  • Fixed bug with qb, qs and other inventory with slots
  • Fixed problem with ox and qb target
  • Code Cleanup