[Free] Ownable Vending Machines

Ultimate system empowering you to effortlessly create and manage a multitude of personalized vending machines whenever you desire.



  • Creating an unlimited number of vending machines.
  • Deleting vending machines.
  • Auto SQL install
  • There are 2 types of running vending machines:
    • owned by single player
    • owned by job
  • User friendly object placer
  • Vending blips
  • Blacklisting jobs from owning vending
  • Blacklisting items that can’t be sold
  • Blacklisting items that can’t be currency
  • Optimized
  • Free :slight_smile:


Support Limitations

Kindly note that our support services have certain limitations, particularly if you have problem with:

  • basic knowledge of FiveM and how it works
  • communicating in English
  • reading

Download (ox inv hard dependency)

Download (no inventory dependency)

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Wow, very nice script. Thank you

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Good morning !
Great storyline!

Would it be possible instead of having a menu which places the distributors, but to have ITEMS that we buy, which we place, and the one who places these items becomes the owner of the distributors?

Since it is an open source resource, you can modify it however you want.
Our team does not have enough time to please everyone and fulfill their wishes.
If several people have the same wish, we will take it into consideration.


Standalone version: GitHub - katotekii/uniq_vending_standalone

Is there something missing? I cant addvending and I dont have any errors, and dependecies is correct.

If you cant use command then you don’t have group.admin or that group doesn’t have access to command usage

you can do

add_ace group.admin command allow

add_principal identifier.xyz:xyz group.admin

identifier can be steam, license, license2, discord

more about you can read here

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can you add a video preview ?


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Thanks nice script ! It’s possible to save durability when the item is in the machine please ?

I have all this set up. I really dont get it. Anyways its such a cool script, hope I will make it work down the line. Thankyou for your reply.

Finally got the whole thing to work, after I redid my core and rebuild server :slight_smile: Now I only have have a few questions, are you interested in locales forks?
And for some reason the props dont spawn after restart, unless I restart script, do I need to do something fancy?

Does it work with Vending machines who are already placed? For example in the hospital or police station?

Hi, no

i wanna pay with bank xd