[Paid] Valet System [ESX/QB/NDCORE]

Introducing system that allows you to call vehicles from your garage anywhere on map!


  • supported frameworks: ESX, QB-Core, ND Core
  • custom sounds (3D sounds played from object, 1x voice for valet, 3x random answer calls)
  • supported inventories: ox_inventory, qs_inventory, qb-inventory, ps-inventory
  • dialing number (if you dial wrong number you will get one of 3 random answers to call, can be disabled in config)
  • cooldown on calling valet (can be disabled)
  • price for valet (can have static price or price depending on vehicle class)
  • global objects on target scripts (objects that already exists in game, supported targets: qtarget/qb-target/ox_target)
  • specific objects (objects that will spawn at coords that you put in config, supports target scripts, can be disabled )
  • driving vehicle to player (can be disabled)
  • log system

For better understanding of script, check Preview Video

Worth mentioning

  • The script has been thoroughly tested with the latest versions of all the scripts listed in the requirements section. We can ensure that the script is compatible and functions as intended when using these up-to-date dependencies. However, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the script with older versions of the required scripts. It is highly recommended to use the specified latest versions to ensure the best performance and compatibility.


Code is accessible Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 850
Requirements ox_lib/esx/qb/ndcore
Support Yes

Awesome script??

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  • This post says this resource is compatible with ND Core.
  • It’s available on your Tebex store for QB Core
  • It’s available on your Tebex store for ESX
  • Nothing on your Tebex store for ND Core.

A couple of silly questions:

  1. How is this compatible with ND Core?
  2. Is this compatible with the new ND v.2?

Thanks in advance.

It is fully compatible and tested with newest version of ND Core whether you buy it in ESX or QB category.

Thanks for the info.