[MLO] Vinewood Police Department

Vinewood Police Department
・The city of Los Santos has just inaugurated a new Police Department! Your city’s police officers will feel at home when they arrive to work at this new police station that has just arrived in Los Santos

Preview: Vinewood Police Department - MLO

・30 rooms
・Investigation Rooms
・Operations room
・Evidence room
・Shooting range
・Rooms of superiors
・Meeting rooms
・Locker room

・Mirrored Floor
・Optimized textures
Size: 20mb
Location: 59.83264, 8.971458, -5.374588

Note: The garage is a MLO of the own GTA.
Note 2: To get the garage, you need a elevator script!.

Screenshots (Click Here)

Price: 55.99 USD
Buy: Vinewood Police Department - TEBEX


nice and well done!

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Thank you friend :heart:

Looks good, overall. Like what you tried to do.
Only criticism going forward is that it seems a little empty as if there was big areas made(which probably makes for a struggle to fill in). I find that MLOs look better when they’re made to just have what they need, in the space they need rather than try to fill a large area.


Thanks for your feedback friend, do you say about the rooms?

Yeah the rooms. As I suggest try to use room as you need it rather than fill in, I find that MLOS look better when people do this. Just because you have X amount of space doesn’t mean you need to use all X amount.
Just a mere suggestion.

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I will see more about this friend, thanks for your suggestion. All my MLOs i improve with the suggestion, feedbacks and bad points of the people! And i will consider your suggestion to improve more! Thank you!

Daaamn! Nice work man!! :star_struck:
Cant believe someone actually did this station!

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Thank you very much friend, i’m very happy with your feedback :heart_eyes:


  • Created a version with NYPD New York logos!

Daaamn! Nice work man!!

Thanks friend!

I know, I last posted a fair while ago but, I also just remember a good uh tip that I think works well. When designing spaces, Adding fake doors(doors as decoration) can work well for making it seem like you’re just a s section of a larger building. Rockstar does this often and so do some other interior creators. So between this and what I mentioned before, these should good suggestions to improve.

Note, I don’t make anything. Just a mere forum browser who has viewed(Through videos, pictures, downloading or sometimes buying) various works of mlos and such.

Nice friend, your suggestion is very good! Thank you!

I just purchased your map and the download link it not working @BrunXGDG
if you want i can email you proof …

Hi friend, i send to you the download!

Update - 24/08/2021

  • Fixed desk that dont appaer
  • Fixed some collisions
  • Fixed the light

Any suggestion to improve the MLO, you be free to make!

Update 24/08/2021

  • Added interiorproxies for servers that players are blinking
  • Added custom desk

Any suggestion to improve the MLO, you be free to make!

doorscoord.txt (2.1 KB)
Coord of the doors

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could you make a LSSD version of the station?