[MLO] Vinewood Police Department

Yes friend, send me a private message please

Private message sent

Update - (29/08)

  • Fixed a invisible door

Soon: I will redesign the PD Garage!

Update - 30/08

  • Changed the floor texture for the GARAGE
  • Changed the wall texture for the GARAGE
  • Added more details to the GARAGE

Update - 09/09

  • Changed one prop to another different from the frontdesk
  • Fixed a issue in cells


I am attempting to purchase but it is saying your store is unavailable.

@matt_soares i update with the new link!

Linking to non-tebex store

updated some window glass

Black Friday! 20% off in all my maps!


Code: blackbrunx20

Until 27/11

Very nice!!


is there any way that I can change name of station

@myrendade Yes, i can change! sorry for delay to answer you!

  • UPDATE - 16/12

PRICE REDUCED! $55.90 TO $45.90

Price reduced!

Update - 06/01 - Vinewood Police Department

・Added garage door.

The interior of the garage is from GTA itself, so when I put the gate in, anyway it gets a little crooked when it opens, I couldn’t fix it! Perhaps the interior was originally crooked. So, already keep this in mind.

is there a way to get to the roof for a helipad?

Hello buddy, unfortunely i cant make roof with helipad :pensive:

This building already has a roof with helipad you would just need to make a sway to get there