[MLO+script] Life invader update + lift


  • Mapping : Patoch
  • Script Lift : Sarish

" today I wanted to make a simple small modification to the Lifeinvader because I really wanted to make an elevator. Ty Sarish to help me on this work"

What can you find more :

  • A Visitor parking
  • A new small garage for employed car service
  • A printroom
  • i have unlock door one the first stair
  • A Lift who WORK





Mapping :
step 1 : Copy/Past the folder " lifeinvaderpatoche " on your resource folder .
step 2 : Open your server.cfg and Start/Encure lifeinvaderpatoche .

Script :
step 1 : copy/Past the folder “liftsarish” on your resource folder .
step 2 : Open your server.cfg and start/encure liftsrarish .



lifeinvader.zip (15.7 MB)

:innocent: This is again my small contribution to the fivem community Hope you enjoy


Damn, awesome release! Defo will use this :smiley:
Also didn’t knew you can move objects with script (such as elevators), this is a gamechanger for me :smiley:


Great work bro

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What is the name of the door from the personal garage?
I can find it myself, but i think it would be beneficial for you to include it in the readme for people that has locks on the doors, where to by using your map, there will be an entrance more, that needs a lock, so instead of several people having to spend time finding the door, which some people that isn’t so experienced, might have to use alot of time on, that it would just be included :slight_smile:

The one from garage in basement too.

Nice map, and good work.

The door name is : life_porte & for the visitor parking it’s : life_porteg

if i haven’t fail

Small garage
door : life_porte
position : X:268,1778 Y:-2,305822 Z:102,0931

yellow door inside small garage
door : v_ilev_door_orange
position : X:264,4149 Y:8,228592 Z:103,1242

2 door : v_ilev_door_orange
position : X:264,4149 Y:8,228592 Z:103,1242
position : X:274,8166 Y:8,226316 Z:103,1242

Yellow door stair
door : v_ilev_door_orange
position : X:260,4856 Y:2,542636 Z:103,1242

Visitor garage
door : life_porteg
position : X:226,3853 Y:9,897044 Z:101,5028

Test it and tell me if it’s good

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ok ok ok go back to ymap making please :smile: … amazing dude (like always) 10/10

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I suggest you downloading this script [Release] DevTools - Standalone Menu for Development its really good and its helps you allot this stuff like that

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thank for sharing all your releases with the community free of charge!

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Great work! I would venture to calling it a masterpiece! Well done!


Thank you Patoch, I always love your work.

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I didn’t get it to work. There are no doors and when I go in I will fall through the map. Any idea what I do wrong or what I miss?

bob74_ipl , maybe could help you.

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Thanks for the release got some plans for this!

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anyway to change the language to english?

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client.lua (27.3 KB)

Replace the client.lua at Liftsarish with this one


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Did you fix it? I have the same problem

Using bob74_ipl fixed it for me.


did you find out how to change it?

is there a unlocked version to? so i can re skinn the televisions, liveinvader logos on the windows walls etc?