[Release][ESX][JOB] Esx_computing

Script release Esx_computing v1.0 by jgTrue & Sergynano
Is a new job using the building of Life Invader to do the work of computer science.
It will consist of collecting and repairing a computer through different phases. This work is aimed at being available to any player. Below is a short presentation



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Job Video




  • MySQL
  • Essential Mode
  • ES Extended
  • MLO LifeInvader update + lift work
Download (LifeInvader map)

* MLO LifeInvader update + lift work


  1. Add esx_computing to your resource folder
  2. Import esx_computing.sql
  3. Add img from esx_computing to esx_customui (computing.png) and to inventory (the others)
  4. Start esx_computing in your server.cfg



esx_computing.rar (17.8 MB)

by jgTrue & Sergynano


video without link

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How to import esx_computing.sql?

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Nice job! Will there also be an English language file available? I have to translate now the text in all the files/sql.

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We will do in v2.0

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To HeidiSQL or PhpMyAdmin

I’m using HeidiSQL, but I’m new to the subject, could you show me how to add to my existing database please?

I’m using HeidiSQL, but I’m new to the subject, could you show me how to add to my existing database please???

Most of the scripts are in English and we must translate them into Spanish, you could do the same, men.


Oh my mapping :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: nice Work :+1:


Thanks you :heart:

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hey man, i try it but the blips on map are shown but when I got on them there is nothing to do, no changing room and no other things, so what should I do? i just can see the blips, I also import SQL and go to jobcenter to change my job.

You must have the job to be able to use blips.

If you are admin in server, try /setjob “ID” “jobname”.

i know i have the jobs but nothing shown for me

nice publication!
little question:
can you deactivate the blips for people who do not have the job?

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Buenas tengo una duda, como escondo los blips para que solo los vean los informaticos y no el resto de personas? he estado probando varias cosas pero no doy con la tecla

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Lo haremos en la siguiente versión ya que seguramente tengamos que cambiar entero el formato para ocultarlos bajo los privilegios del trabajo.

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We will do it in the next version since surely we have to change the entire format to hide blips them under the privileges of the job.

Ah perfecto entonces! y enhorabuena por el script esta bastante chulo y lo mas importante que se coja el trabajo en el INEM y no al acercarte a los blips ejerciendo otro trabajo

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