Jail Management System

Description: Jail Management System: Made for Gabz Prison MLO, from the ground up.

  • Grouped jobs for inmates: many exports to use in other scripts, players can do these jobs to get materials for crafting and to reduce their sentences.

  • Crafting for lockpicks, pruno, prison drugs, very configurable, a few **stashes **around the prison to store items in

  • Prison NPC that sells you a weapon or molotov for drugs or wine, also very configurable.

  • Jail sentences are stored server side: many exports to use in other scripts

  • DoC: change clothing, armory, increase and reduce player sentences commands for LEO’s

  • Reception: NPC that allows you to alert an inmate to visitation

  • Phone: inmates can use one of the phones to call a friend, supports QBCore phone and GKS Phone

  • Confiscate / Relinquish commands to take a criminals possession in holding until he gets released from prison

  • Skate park: grab a BMW and ride around on the skate park

  • Infirmary: can only be used when in prison

  • Jailbreak: requires eastern power plant to be hit
    inmates get put in random cells where they need to be broken out
    jail breakers have x amount of minutes to break out these players before it becomes impossible

  • Anti helicopter: If a player arrives at prison with a helicopter to grab someone out, they will be met with invincible prison guards with rocket launchers and rifles.
    → Does not work on EMS or LEO

  • Extensive config options for you to customize this script.

Preview: YouTube Showcase
Purchase Here: Tebex: Jail (Open Source) - EUR 49.99 (excl. VAT)
Purchase Here: Tebex: Jail (Escrow) - EUR 29.99 (excl. VAT)

Code is accessible Source code and Escrowed version offered
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 4700
Requirements QBCore Framework, Gabz MLO
Support Yes


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Lionh34rt is definitely one of the best developers around. Amazing scripts, amazing support too!

Very good work. i’ve purchased the open source simply because i want to make my own edits to this script but also to support this release even more.

good job.

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I cant clean the tables when I do the kitchen job. I can only interact with the seat for the table.

Very nice system, can vouch he makes quality work!
Props to you my friend!

Hi Brocklee,

For all your issues or support it would be easier if you could create a ticket on my discord.

Interaction failure with the table sounds like a target issue.

will do

does this have a built in jail system ? i use wasabi-policejob instead of qb-policejob and in wasabi-police job there’s no /jail like in qb-policejob

The script has a built in jail system but it piggy backs off of qb-policejob’s jail command.

If you don’t have those, just create a ticket on my Discord for support and i’ll sort you out.