[How-to] Stream custom clothes

because people car to much abouthere cars an addong guy mods thats why

this actually makes no sense at all but OK.

Hello, could someone help? I tried using alt tool since it add’s the clothes to the new DLC so it doesnt mess up the existing clothes. But in game when i add them it start bugging some textures in other Interior’s MLO’s. For example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/slightly-oversized-hoodie-pack-for-mp-2ac43b3d-ec3f-48ff-af49-281e473ae25c#description_tab

do you still need to be a patreon to stream clothes

just asking

why you wouldnt need?

I’m trying to stream a police hat that I edited myself but I couldn’t
I can’t find it anywhere between the hats in my clothes script
in the README file, it says it must be added to: Mods/update/x64/DLCpacks/eup/eup_componentpeds_p.rpf
I tried both mp_m_freemode_01^ and mp_f_freemode_01^ and even tried leaving its name to default
the file name is: p_head_diff_010_b
any help would be appreciated

Here’s the hat file: p_head_diff_010_b.ytd (59.1 KB)

Wow working!

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It’s been a while since they said they might reconsider their charge so we can stream clothes without the need of patreon.

help please?

Hi everyone, i’ve started to add somes custom clothes, after reading this topic i’ve learn about FiveM patreon to be able to stream clothes, but somes are working and others don’t load textures, only the model. Have you some idea to fix it without get FiveM patreon?