[How-to] Stream custom clothes

I was actually wondering how to install Non FiveM mods on my FiveM server.

For example: Improved Hulkbuster - GTA5-Mods.com

I don’t just want to stream PEDs for a reskin. I would like to have the entire mod with repulsars, or if I install a Goku mod, have all his abilities as well.

Could someone please assist me?

Hey mate,
just a short question related to your answer here
([How-to] Stream custom clothes - #149 by Fourthbeam)
you said he needs to make a decision…
I think there must be some way.
Idk if it’s inside the physics or wherever.
We use approx. ~250 addons and some of them are indeed overwriting themselves.
As my mod team didn’t realize that and me neither it was a “bug” for the last months…
I recently discovered this as I onboarded a new staff member by myself and saw it…
As I already searched the web and tried different approaches, including hex editing I did NOT find any solution to it.

Do you think there may be one to change the internal ids or sth?
Like unique or fully addon? Idk where exactly the problem is if it’s only filenames, hidden ids, or as they replace something existing (the last one seems unlikely to me).


oke nice

i think this should happen

ok nice

Hello thank you for this tutorial, do you know how to fix the shaking? My clothes and nails shake while in game. Do you know how I can fix this?

Is it possible to add more textures on a single clothe? as explain the police upper body, its a blue one.
If i replace it with a black one it calls


but if i add a red one to it calls


i cant choose it. so how can i add more as one texture?

nice !

quick question. can I stream custom clothes for a public server that is hosted on Zap Hosting?

thanks for the help!

Can anyone help me with adding EUP packs? I’m really struggling lol.