[How-To] Stream clothes and props as addons, for MP Freemode models

Hello grzybeek, for some reason I can’t get the p_lwrist model and texture to work on your ymt editor. I got the naming and declared it on the .ymt file but it doesn’t show up. I tested it with other vanilla models and it still doesn’t work. I got the p_eyes model and texture to work but for some reason the lwrist does not show up. Thanks in advance for your reply. Great job btw on this editor

@WRXCharles Hey! Left/right wrists not working is a known bug, currently don’t have much time to fix that, but I’ll try to find some time in next week.

If you want to fix that manually, you have to edit ymt, editor saves wrists as ANCHOR_HEAD, and change that to ANCHOR_LEFT_WRIST

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Just force the server to 2189 and call it a day :man_shrugging: