[How-To] Create addon heels OR hide hair with addon hat

Hi @grzybeek, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to not make the character’s cheeks clip through the masks, seems like, that because of the face size, masks clip through the face, it also happens with the vanilla ones, it might be a configured flag in GTA that is not loaded by FiveM somehow? Did you get this issue?
I think the flag works in a way that, whenever you wear a mask, the face get shrunk…
Oh also, this issue goes for the hoodies as well, for the ones with their hoods on, hair clips through them, it happens for certain vanilla ones too. Let me show you what I’m talking about:

This mask I’m using for example is a Vanilla one, still, it glitches

This one is also Vanilla, but it works just fine, with hair and skin, it might be thicker

Now I’m going to show you the hoodies

This one works just fine (I changed hairstyle to “Spiked Mohawk” to make it more clear)

These two instead don’t hide the hair:

I’m asking this because I’m trying to add these clothes as well as other addon hoodies that have the same issue (hair clips through the hoodie)

All of the clothes I used for this example are an Original Rockstar creation.
Thanks in advance! :smile:

Hey! I don’t remember how it works in GTA Online, but it is worth checking how it does work with “big face” and some other masks, FiveM should load everything GTA loads on default. Maybe some masks are thicker than others and that’s why some faces clips through?

All GTA hairstyles should work with GTA masks and hoodies, unless you replaced something, then things might not work correctly. Hair shrinking is defined by ymt, it is explained in this tutorial, but masks are defined by “pedalternatevariations.meta” together with alternate variations of .ydd’s (hair_000_u_1.ydd - for example) This file is kinda “broken” and doesn’t work with a lot of content inside, I’ve reported that in bug report section on forum long time ago, but it won’t be fixed probably.

Not sure about hoodies tho, I think it’s also defined in “pedalternatevariations”

Thank you for this tutorial man!! I always thought it was possible, now you made it reality!

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working great for hats and heels, thank you.
I tried to duplicate the method for hats to work with hoodies (jbib) and masks (berd) however i couldnt get it to work properly, have you or anyone else ever got it to work?

I’ve hardcoded creaturemetadata file to generate only for hats and heels - GTA for berds and jbibs use different method to hide hair. It’s defined in file called “pedalternatevariations.meta” together with .ydd files that have _1 _2 after _u, those are “alternate variation” of .ydd, and with that meta file above, you can define which component use which drawable variation. Unfortunately that meta file is kinda “broken” with a lot of entries inside of it, I’ve already reported in bug section on forums but probably it won’t be fixed :frowning:

ahh, no problem. Thankyou for your prompt help and your amazing work.
I thought it might be too easy if it was as simple as putting -1 on the right model jbib/berd.

Hello @grzybeek What do you mean by “pedalternatevariations” is bugged? Is it bugged when got streamed in FiveM or the original one?

I found this one and doesn’t seem bugged?

I said

Unfortunately that meta file is kinda “broken” with a lot of entries inside of it

“a lot of entries” means waaay more than any original GTA file, there is a topic about it Native SetPedComponentVariation (0x262b14f48d29de80)
iirc that file had ~85k of lines?

:+1: Thanks

Hey @grzybeek , so I’ve been having a problem recently, in which the creaturemetadatas don’t seem to load, I’ve used alt:V clothes tool to arrange the clothes in a DLC because otherwise the clothes won’t deploy at the last slots, can you analyze the pictures I’m going to send and find what’s the issue?

It might be because of the way ClothesTool arranges the clothes in the DLC because I saw some differences between the names of my files and yours, please let me know.
Thanks in advance

Yeah, probably that’s because of your name, I guess it should be named mp_creaturemetadata_mp_f_clothes_pack_two

Hi @grzybeek

do you know how to put MH_Hair_Scale to add-on hair?

You have to edit it with proper program, add that bone and rig it properly.

i actually wonder if we can wear hat with hair, like not with deleting or hiding but not showing the “up” part you know?

if you can impose such a thing would you make a tutorial out of it?

Yes, there is a way, R* did it with alternate models (sometimes you can see models that have _1 _2 _3 at the end of the name, for example hair_000_u_1), it has to be setup properly with pedalternatevariations.meta file, which is kinda broken with a lot* of entries in it

*a lot - I meant much more than any Rockstar’s original DLC, their biggest file had ~20-30k of lines if I remember correctly, mine file broke at ~80k

Nope, I won’t do any tutorials that include editing actual models

Now it makes sense to me why a few months ago I was doing this but with 1 ymt for each clothe and fivem was always crashing… Now all make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this work for SP? :smiley:

I don’t know, this is FiveM’s forum :stuck_out_tongue: It should work if you can setup DLC like R* does

I have an error when the movement of high heels has no sound
Is there any way to fix it? Please help me