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HoseLS - London Studios

HoseLS is a FiveM resource coded in C# providing a realistic firefighting experience featuring a custom hose model and water jet, allowing you to fully extinguish fires.

The included models have been created by Adam Fenton. We’d like to thank him for working with us.

This plugin is made by LondonStudios, we have created a variety of releases including TaserFramework, SearchHandler, ActivateAlarm, SmartTester, SmartSounds, CustodyAlarm, SmartObservations and more!

The hose is compatible with popular fire scripts and will extinguish fires.


/hose - Activates or deactivates the hose

Simply run the command and you’ll be given the hose weapon in-game. Aim and fire to begin using the hose.

Supply Line

This integrates with our Supply Line resource found here. This means that the hose is no longer infinite and has a limited supply unless a supply line is setup.


Download the resource from GitHub here.

  1. Create a new resource folder on your server.
  2. Add the contents of “resource” inside it. This includes:
    “Client.net.dll”, “Server.net.dll”, “fxmanifest.lua”, “stream”
  3. In server.cfg, “ensure” HoseLS, to make it load with your server startup.

Source Code

Please find the source code in the “src” folder. Please ensure you follow the licence in “LICENCE.md”.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to HoseLS and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!


Take a look at some screenshots of the plugin in action!


You are quite insane for making such thing, props to you!


Looks great, thanks for releasing for the community!

Awesome release - thankfully since it is essentially a replacement for the fire extinguisher weapon it works for my custom fire system and the other public releases.
Keep up the awesome content mate, more fire roleplay is what FiveM needs!

Love this! We kept trying the other fire hose but 1, it didn’t have the prop and 2, it had lots of issues. Will have to see how this goes once we have several people in game but so far, it already works so much better!

(this page for the resource is linked in the description on the video)

Amazing script man, will change FD RP for ever. All synced and working perfectly on my end!

I love this for our FD personnel but I was wondering if there is a way to still use the vanilla extinguisher as well? (as in, doing /hose will give you the hose/nozzle but if your /hose is off, you get the regular extinguisher). My problem is our LEO all carry extinguishers in their vehicles as do some CIVs and even as fire, there are times where a regular extinguisher is the proper tool vs a hose. (such as if I’m in a command vehicle and it’s just a small little fire that I could realistically knock out with an extinguisher rather than wait for the brush truck or engine to arrive).

Currently, no matter what, we get the hose and the command just determines if we have the water stream effect or the extinguisher effect.

Just wow

awesome script but i am also bothered by the no more fire extinguisher

Nice bro keep up the good work

Top Tier

A really great addition to the community so far, keep up the work.

It would be a good Idea to make it more realistic if you needed to connect the hose to a fire hydrant or to your FD vehicle.
The FD vehicle would have a limited amount of water until needed to be refilled at the fire station.

it’s great quality ~! ^^

I like the idea of the need to connect to an apparatus. That in of itself could possibly be done if there is a way to check what vehicles are nearby and maybe require the command to be ran within a radius of either a vehicle that is added to a config list or even just a vehicle in the emergency class to make it easier. I know there is natives to see what vehicle someone was in last but that wouldn’t really work as someone may not have shown up in an engine but still need to connect.

A way to go about this would be similar to the extrication saw. Basically you come up to the truck and there is a marker next to it. Enter the marker and press a key to get a hose. When you are done, return to the marker to put the hose away. The hose could be issued as a prop similar to the saw. If possible, limit each truck to a certain number of connections (the saw script you have to identify every vehicle you want it to be accessible from (code example below of vehicles) and an option for number of connections could be added as well. An engine for example may have 4 or 6 available connections where as a brush may only have 1 or 2.

Now that I have said all that, I have no idea how to actually make something like this happen, I just believe it’s possible and honestly would be a REALLY good update for this script. (I’m already getting a lot of unhappy feedback from LEO who cannot use a fire extinguisher from their car anymore)

The limited water supply would be a LOT harder to sort out. As cool as that idea would be, different trucks carry different amounts of water (think brush trucks vs engines vs tankers, plus the math for how much was used and how many people are connected to an supply using water. I feel like this level of realism is just too far out of reach for FiveM abilities.

really appreciate this script
What an amazing work
keep up!

oh nice oh my

Very nice release

This is awesome

Nice release

London Studios back at it again with a banger release! Thank you a bazillion! :heartpulse: