[FREE] Lift Car Off Ground [STANDALONE]

Today I bring you a simple command (only took an hour or so to make) that spawns 4 axel stands under the car you are next to, and raises it up, so you may use the mechanic laying on the floor animation, and any other roleplay bits.

I took the raise/lower logic from Nikuez’s mod: [RELEASE] ESX/vRP Repair with cool animation and changed it to use the 4 props, that spawn roughly where the wheels are.

Some cars have differing coords for attaching entities, so the axel stands may be a bit too low/high, but it looks roughly okay from my testing.

To raise the car, use /raisecar and to lower it again afterwards, use /lowercar

Here is a video example (I am also using simple car commands and dpemotes to do the hood opening and mechanic emote respectively):

https://streamable.com/enn8zm (link in case the embedded video doesn’t work)

Download here - updated with checks to stop it working on cars that are not stopped, and that have a driver in them (i.e. so you can’t call it on cars going past you or to troll other players):
lift_car_off_ground.zip (1.8 KB)

Simply drop the lift_car_off_ground folder into your resources folder, and add start lift_car_off_ground to your server.cfg file

Thanks to Supreme_Cat for the improved version which can be found here: GitHub - SupremeCatOG/lift_car_off_ground_modified: Slight modification of the raising/lowering animation



Nice script bro!


Thanks! Just wanted something simple and standalone so thought I’d share


Amazing work thank you!!!

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Hey man, nice script, I’ve done a slight modification to how the raising/lowering effect/animation looks to make it feel smoother, I’ll link the github to the modified version here in case someone wants to apply the changes too.


Man I love simple scripts like these. I can easily add the client/server lua to my “scripts” resource to save on resources being loaded. And since thss won’t be used often, it won’t affect performance much.


Thanks! That code looks a hell of a lot cleaner as well - I will add this link to the OP


With the help of fellow developers from my server, we have synched the raising/lowering animations with all the players and now if your client raised the vehicle someone else can lower it.

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Hello have not tested it yet just asking before trying it out if it is possible to have only mechanics do this command?

Amazing work! I love how a simple script can really bring out the creativeness in other devs!

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It is purely standalone at present, but if you have some scripting experience it shouldn’t be that difficult to pop a job check in (from my ESX experience that is)

Did you update your original download link?

Currently using this in our server - here’s a 2020 FPIU screenshot! (Our community loves it!!) :slight_smile:

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The github link looks to have the latest code in as it was updated only a couple hours ago and mentions synching

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Pushed the update to the repository, so if you click the link you’ll get the latest version :smiley:

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Sweet. I’m on mobile as I’m admitted into the hospital so I didn’t check the github. Thanks for the hard work guys! I’ll get this I my city, my mechanics will love it.

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This sir has to be the the best release of the year so far ! :wink:

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Will try to figure something out!

It’s not too hard to do. You can literally look in a job script and pull the few lines you’ll need that check for the needed job and paste them in this. Just go slow, look at what you’re doing, ans if you fail, trial & error bud. I wish I was home so I could do thus for you. Currently still in the hospital.

Have a speedy recovery i will be slowly trying things out

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