[FREE][ESX] V-Policegarage (Simple, realistic and configurable garage script)

Script is spawning vehicle when its started so officers don`t need to spawn vehicle. Its configurable in config(Vehicles coords etc.)

Download Version 1.1.0

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Hey, great work!

I do have some suggestions as optional features though:

  • Making the vehicle re-appear when the claimed vehicle is far enough, that way others can get the same car.
  • Adding multi-framework support, or a bridging folder (see my github if you need an example).
  • Try using standalone natives for spawning cars, as the only requirement for the framework should be payment & job checking.

Again, great work, and i’m glad to see that you’re releasing content for the community!

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Aswell adding colors I guess this can be a cool extra for gangs like Vagos etc. to have some lowriders etc. in the hood.

What hud is this

@Archxn 🅰️ [FREE] aty_icehud | Black & White Hud | Car and Status Hud

@soniXx123 @PickleMods Great ideas I`ll implement this some of this in next update

Some way to easy configurate for other jobs as well? example ( ems, mechanic, etc )
Config options like :
Can lockpicking vehicle or not,
Refill or not
Repair or not
Save extras
Save damage

@dieselpowerlv @soniXx123

New version Releases · VGroupPablo/V-Policegarage · GitHub
Now you can select for every vehicle:

  • Color in RGB
  • Livery
  • Job required to take it
  • Registration plate

Added Version check
Added vehicle label (Will be used in future updates)
increased Optimization

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