[FREE] DriftV - Full drift based gamemode

Here is DriftV, to make it short, DriftV was my idea of a competitive drift server. The problem is, I’m very bad at running a server, and so the server never got the “populatity” I would have liked it to be.

Anyway, here I am today, I decided to share my creation because I think it would be silly that all my work falls into total oblivion when well, I spent a lot of time working on it haha!

This “base” is literally plug and play, no database to set up, I was using the rockdb system (kvp) to save all the data, I know it’s not the best system at all, but I had done so at the time. Feel free to make a PR on the github to add a mysql system :slight_smile:

EDIT: MYSQL Version is in dev.

I think I’m going to forget some things because it’s been a while since I’ve touched this code, but here are all the features I remember!

Economic system
You have to drift to earn money and buy other vehicles in the shop!

Level system
A progression system was needed, so I created a level system that you can increase by drifting!

Crew system

I wanted a team system for the competitions, so I imagined a crew system with a management / statistics / possibility to face other crew in drift battle / leaderboard



I started to play around with DrawRect, so using that logic I did create a scoreboard worth the GTA V ONLINE style in mind

Vehicle shop

As said above, the server was working with an economic system, so there was a store based on vehicle tiers
Nothing special, but it did the job haha

Drift Trials

I noticed that a lot of drift servers had a “time trial” system which I thought was silly for drift based servers and not … racing :smiley:
So I did something similar, but with drift points, I called it “Drift trials”.

The system takes into account your drift points but also your time to give a final score and place you in a unique leaderboard per map


As said above, I had a lot of fun with the DrawRect, I had fun creating UI with it and I finally made my lobby with it.
The only thing I don’t like is that at the time I didn’t make the controls via mouse, so you have to navigate using the arrows.


A garage system with all your vehicles on display, this is where you can customize them!

Custom drift counter

Far from perfect, I’m not used to doing HTML / CSS :smiley:

Showcase video made by community member:

I think I have covered the main information.
I know it’s quite special as a release, I hope it will be useful for some of you who manage drift servers, don’t hesitate to tell me, I will visit your server with pleasure !

( main ressource = [gamemode] → driftv )

Github: GitHub - Rubylium/DriftV: Drift base for FiveM

Know bugs

  • During a crew war, if both parties have 0 points, the game will never end.
  • The music during the first animation when you join the server may not play for an unknown reason
  • When we get to the personal garage, it can freeze for a fraction of a second / a few seconds depending on the number of vehicles. Certainly a too big load on the client who loads all the vehicles and applies all the modifications.

UPDATE 20/05/2021

  • Added mysql option to save player data
  • Fixed an issue where identifier where not checked before connecting, allowing player to connect without having steam open if you use steam to save data.
  • Added few others option on the config file
  • Fixed an issue with driftV ressource name causing issue on loading

UPDATE 21/05/2021

  • Added player name to db
  • Updated sql
  • Possible fix for crew wars being stuck with both side at 0 score
  • Fix for passive mod

A really good release, thanks for upload it free for all <3

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:love_you_gesture: Have fun!


Speechless comes to mind, me and few friends have been playing a japan themed race server and spoke of doing our own drift version, this definitely will provide us with the framework and base to work from! Thank you so much.

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Nice to hear! Don’t hesitate to tell me the name when it’s released, will definitely take a look :slight_smile:

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a completed gamemode and the best part for free not Paid that is a epic moment i dont need it but thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing, can’t wait to test it out on a development machine

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Have fun :slight_smile:
Just added all the ensure you need on the readme, forgot about that haha

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Got it running, although i’m just sat on the loading screen, unsure if i’m supposed to do a key press or something? Not locked up, but not loading me ingame either haha

I got to try out the game mode at first and found it really cool! Thanks for sharing.

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good job !
that what i `am tried to do it !

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how i find player data ?.


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Oh really ? Did you ensure eveything like i shared ? Send me a screenshot on where you are stuck !

Well, i’m using rockdb so it’s stored in the “db” folder on your server folder, but i don’t know at all if you can read it, maybe using some tool you can ?
If i’m motivated i will rework it to use mysql ^^


Was capitalization for the server.cfg haha

Got it going now, and i think it’s great, can’t wait to work on it, mainly SQL db.

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Nice :smiley:

Wanted it so bad … if someone converts it to ESX … goddaym!

Anyways tysm

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Mmh you want ESX for the money or something else ?
If it’s only for money can probably do a toggle on the config

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I’d love to be able to implement this into a full RP server, time to work lol

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