[FR/EN][Release][FX] Advanced Car damage

Advanced Car damage


With my addon you will be able to manage your car realistically.
You run several times in a wall and the engine finds it in the front yes you have a high chance of breaking it at this time the hood opens and smoking.
You are making very big jumps you have a chance to break the architecture of the car etc …


Avec mon addon vous allez pouvoir géré votre voiture de façon réaliste.
Vous foncez plusieurs fois dans un mure et le moteur ce trouve à l’avant oui vous avez forte chance de le casser à ce moment la capot s’ouvre avec de la fumer.
Ont vous fonce dedans plusieurs fois, vous faites des très grands sauts vous avez une chance de cassé l’architecture de la voiture etc…​


  • Added more parameters like tank, submersion level… Is done.



  • Adding in configuration parameters for damage.


  • Configuration system.
  • Submersion level.

Download & Source code : https://github.com/aabbfive/VehicleHealth/releases/
My tutorial for compile my project :


It is excellent! Thank you very much for this script! Question, how can I add translation notifications? Thanks

It is necessary to modify the source code and recompile but I will think of making a configuration system :stuck_out_tongue:

Add a config file and it’s a perfect work ! Thx for this !

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When is the config coming? Is it possible before Saturday? Also how would I compile this?

My tutorial for compile my project ->

The config system is coded with improvements plus I’m sending it tonight ! :smiley:

New update 1.2 :

  • Configuration system
  • Submersion level

can you add a config for how sensitive the car is? I want to make it so a pretty med-hard hit disables the car

Okay no problem! :smiley:

New update 1.3 :

  • Adding in configuration parameters for damage.

How do i add this to a fivem server as a resource?

Create dir in “resources” -> “vehiclehealth”
and paste __resource.lua, Vehiclehealth.net.dll, config.ini in this dir.

And Add in citmp-server.yml

  • vehiclehealth
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Thank you for this plugin!

How do I make it where if someone shoots the windows it doesn’t disable the car?

The window does not really influence the percentage of the structure :slight_smile:

When someone shoots the windows, the car breaks. So not sure why…

I fix it ! Thanks you !

Awesome, thank you! very much!!

I update my github wait :stuck_out_tongue:

@aabb Is the shooting window fixed yet?

Its fixed https://github.com/aabbfive/VehicleHealth/releases ! :smiley: