For those who have 0x80092013 error

I spent like 6-8 hours in 2 days trying to solve this problem and for someone who have same problem I have solution.
Tags for users who will find this topic in google:
an error (35, schannel: next initializesecuritycontext failed: unknown error (0x80092013)
CRYPT_E_REVOCATION_OFFLINE, Certificate Revocation List, CRL, event code 36876
You download FiveM.exe from and see this error on launch:
(I have russian Windows 10 so screenshots will be on russian)


OR/AND you launch installed FiveM and see this:


Then this solution for you.
Now it is tricky AF.
First get to event viewer.
For english windows google says:

Control Panel > System & Security and double-click Administrative tools
Double-click Event Viewer
Select the type of logs that you wish to review (“system” in our case)

There should be errors with code 36876 like this:

Now look at “binary” string, I marked it with red arrow on screenshot. This is certificate that windows can’t validate. You need to convert it to certificate file and install in system.
Here is how I done it:
Open and paste that sting in “hex” field. Uncheck “remove 0x groups from input” field. Set name of file to create to “myfile.crt”.
Should look like this:

Now click “Convert” and save file.
Then open it. Valid certificate should open, click install:

After that you should be able to install/update/launch FiveM.
Thank me later.

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