Fivem Manual Transmission (Server side) resource with custom gears and different gearmods

Hello guys here is my Server side Manual Transmission Resource for Fivem

  • you can activate and desactivate manual transmission using (/manual) and change mode using (/manualmode) (you can not be inside of a vehicle to do this commands)
  • lscustom transmission upgrade adds another gear to the vehicle
  • you can create custum gear ratios for your vehicles (if you don’t create custom gear ratios in the Config.vehicles the vehicle will use the gear ratios in Config.gears)
  • you have two different modes realistic and arcade, in realistic mode you need engine rotation and speed so the vehicle engine dont turn off (example : the vehicle engine turn off if you try to start the car in 3rd gear)

DOWNLOAD LINK: GitHub - HugoSimoes12345/HRSGears

try my Fivem Survival Server : [EU]TBW Survival 2.0 /


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I’ve looked for something like this for a long time, I’ve tested it and it’s alright, thank you for releasing this publicly.

please tell me if you find something wrong or if you dont understand something on the config file, it works on all addon vehicles and all normal vehicles and you can add different gear ratios if you want to. if you use the realistic mode the engine can turn off if you dont have enought rotation or speed

So far, from what I’ve seen everything works as expected, the only thing that threw me off were the downshifts, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Maybe, just one thing that wasn’t clear enough was how to activate the manual mode, only after watching the video twice, I got to understand I have to run “/manual” and “/manualmode” outside the vehicle, in the written order.

/manualmode is to change the mod, if you just write /manual you will be in arcade mode for default, /manualmode is to change from arcade to realistic and from realistic to arcade. what do you think i can inprove in the downshifts?

This is server side or client side? In the description says server side but the script dont have server.lua xD

what i meant to say is that you put it on your server not on your fivem plugins

did you start the script? you need to be outside of the car to do the command

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go to my github link, you have there another way to contact me. i think i cant help you from here. The script is working for everyone just read the readme file you have another way to contact me there.
I really want to help you

How do I see what gear I’m on?

Thank you for making clearer what the commands do, and about the downshifts I don’t think there’s much you can do, I think it’s just GTA’s logic doing its thing. i.e, sometimes you press the downshift button but it won’t actually downshift so you have to wait a few more revs to drop and try again, but again, as said before, I think that’s more of a GTA thing.

Config.gearhud = 0 -- if 1 - show gear / if 2 show gear and km/h and Rpm from 0 to 1 / if 0 disable hud

Open the config file and scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find this.

thanks for answer him, man i think i have an idea that can solve the downshift i will try it and i will tell you.

client.lua (14.5 KB)

try this version, is not a release but maybe has a better downshift, i need a way to add more engine break power but is getting cool

Having an issue where this is causing vehicles to be slower than they should even without manual mode turned on

you have revv limiter in this script, gta v native doesn’t have rev limiter , the vehicle top speed will be the top speed in the handling file , in a real life vehicle when you hit the revv limitter your vehicle can not accelerate more, in gta v it doest happen native so yes your vehicle will be slower.

go to first person and look at the engine RPM when the engine hit the max RPM the vehicle stop accelerating like it should

Aah thank you, I’m so dumb!

Yo this looks awesome!

Couple questions:

  • Does this play nicely with RealisticVehicleFailure (if you have tried it)

  • I assume using A/B on the controller will also trigger handbrake/cinematic cam (respectively) - don’t think there is a way around that though maybe using left/right on dpad will be better if you have the radio volume muted