[PAID] Steering Wheel V

Except there is a couple of FiveM natives to get the steering angle GetVehicleSteeringAngle and GetVehicleWheelSteeringAngle so it is possible here, and a couple of others in this area to compliment those.

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I agree with the previous post. Does this ONLY support Logitech wheels or can we also use a Thrustmaster? The client-side manual script allows use with all different wheels, not just Logitech.

i did not say its impossible, nothing is impossible.

but he is selling this as is, declaring as STEERING WHEEL V,

BUYERS will assume this is a drag and drop or copy and paste job for them.
im pretty sure there is a massive configuration for Logitech game profiler to make this work 100%.
also g27 and g29 does have different ways of binding too.

maybe its better if the title say FIVEM Manual Tranny [PAID] and with free configuration guide to Logitechs., even with thrustmuster, manual script will work as long as you bind it.

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Hmm, the issue on my side, supporting wheels properly, was to disable GTA V’s steering altogether, to disable the non-linear steering (otherwise, you could just use x360ce). FiveM doesn’t have a patch for that at the moment.
Working around that, some things need to be implemented to make sure the steering/mapping matches, such as max/min angles.

Then there’s the server/client stuff: Unless I missed something, FiveM only interfaces with Windows.Gaming.Input and XInput, but only for internally enabling rumble on some vehicles? There does need to be some local code to either use Windows.Gaming.Input or DirectInput for reading the device data and to run FFB.

Hello, yes i will adapt the script for thrustmaster t300RS :racing_car:

It’s possible, there is also a system of friction I’m still working on for future version when you are not on road or if you drive on the mountains in the game. And my resource is completely different of this Fivem Manual Transmission (Server side) resource with custom gears and different gearmods , my resource allow you to use manual transmission server side with steering wheel like G27 G29 or G920
You don’t even understand what the resource is doing @Renzuzu, if it’s impossible for you it’s not impossible for me to make it work properly for the community of FiveM only server side (compatibility steering wheel)

I can add wheel and adapt it to make it work and it’s improve the ressource for all the community, then if you want to add new wheel just let me know and i add it. Thank you !

if it’s impossible for you it’s not impossible for me to make it work properly for the community of FiveM only server side

i did not say its impossible,
impossible for me? lol
i already do this all anyway. g29 or thrustmaster, thats why i am doing some comments here, dont feel this comments is to offend you.

You don’t even understand what the resource is doing

lol i already created a custom manual tranny system dont tell me i that i dont know your resource, :smiley: even if i dont bought this i know what will be in there, already test it on g29 without any issues.

and your description and demo does not show or make any difference on the free one…( only new is UI ) its your fault! :smiley: your always bad at adveritising.

btw check your message.

I would be interested in purchasing this. However, @RAMEX_DELTA_GTA, what does the guy mean that it requires Scripthook to be on?

Is the code only in Lua or other languages? Is it open to edit or it’s encrypted? IP lock?

To anyone complaining here, keep in mind @ikt’s client script is in fact open source-ish and you can actually port and PR it to the project yourself to have something ‘for free’.

I would’ve done this myself long ago seeing how often this is requested, but I don’t have the ability to test such as I don’t have the required hardware, nor would I know how to use said hardware, so it’s not something I can do myself at all.

Finally, @RAMEX_DELTA_GTA - does this script use any weird NUI localhost socket stuff to interface with controllers? This is something that tends to be blocked due to security-ish issues, so please don’t if that’s the way this resource works, and instead work on PRing related primitives as natives.

Hello, No need scripthook and no encrypted

Hello D-bub, I don’t use socket stuff to interface with controllers. I can send you my script in private message if you want.

Appreciate it.

Again, what language it’s written in? Could you showcase here the config file?

Please send a message to moderation confirming that you are using Tebex downloadable package and people receive their download upon purchase.

how to get the Archive password from tebex download? after purchase i receive a link from external site it need a password to download.

Over the shoulder video would be better to show evidence of input and force feed back, would you have time to do one?

Yes I forgot to remove the password now it’s good

I would do one when I have the time, no problem :ok_hand:

So, I decided to buy it. But when it’s asking me for logging in, it says I wasn’t found.


But other Tebex based stores work fine for me? Yours, however, doesn’t undergo same client verification as Tebex usually wants from me…?