[PAID] Steering Wheel V

Original script and to have tested it it is exceptional apart from the management which is not at the top.

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We have the version they sent us. And in my case the version that was working fine 2 days ago. They first sent me IP locked version without even bothering to tell me it is locked.

Then they “fixed it” by sending version locked by transaction ID. I could live with that. But the last straw was the fact the script stopped working the moment I said my justified criticism about what does not work with their script, as they still shamesly advertise (no actual force feedback and the fact their latest version are indeed locked) and looks like will never work, since the OP either does not know what they’re talking about (unlikely) or they don’t have a single issue with false advertisement and justifiable criticism for that matter (blacklisting my version).

Plus, everytime they said they sent new version to our emails, I always had to ask for it via support ticket. Their management sucks ass, tbh.

For me the support is really nice i received new version quickly by ticket discord and i purchased other script too like CounterStrike V and it’s really nice so i don’t understand your feedback, there is good update too for Steering Wheel and everyday. Keep it up, my players are also satisfied, the script need a little improvement on steering wheel

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Thank you for your feedback @Reward_City, i work to improve steering wheel to make it better :ok_hand:

If you work on improving it, then stop blacklisting it for your paying customers.

You literally asked customers on your Discord for a feedback. And you didn’t like what I honestly accused you of and got butthurt about it.

That’s false advertisement on several occasions, shitty business practice and breaking ToS. But guess what, you can’t delete my messages here so easily as you did my support ticket first time your resource stopped working.


Im right from the start,
He advertised with FFB

until now no FFB.
Until now not giving credits to original lua author

Until now he is using remote js load() to load the important part of the product.

and even the gamepad api with the UI is here its free and he is selling without a permision too.


But Still ramex do a great job for reworking both lua part and api part. I still commend you.

Guess what your gonna ask your army again to flag my post to hide the truth? Perhaps? :slight_smile:

It’s my blog and spenibus it’s my brother :rofl: you are very crazy man i will flag your post again i don’t have time with you and i also take contact with HugoSimones to use her HUD script.
go way once more i don’t have time for you :slight_smile:

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Sure its your blog…
Its open source

Why your using remote load using load() jquery then?

If the original source is open source.

Oh man…

Not cool to beg.

Actually its okay

But your not gonna do it unless someone like me
expose you.

Why you did not mention a credits from the start then?


I have removed her HUD i wait for an answer from HugoSimoes :slight_smile:

When asking permission to use someone elses stuff you should specify why you intend to use it. Personally I’d be more than happy to let someone use my stuff for a free release, but for a paid release, no way in hell are they using my stuff and making money off of it.

I have disable HUD of HugoSimoes i use my own UI gear now so it’s fine :slight_smile:

Lol hugo code is the manual shifting gears for GTA fivem… not the HUD.

Man you are really shameless…
Trying to hide every single information in public…

Im out of here… its hard to read your lies

Man, honestly, you’re just a bad joke at this point.

But whatever, you deserve whatever’s coming to you.

I really hope all the issues above get sorted out would love to get this script.

Hey, New updates are coming to improve steering wheel, hope you enjoy !

whats the key to open the menu tho

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Menu L

Update V1.2.3 : :race_car:

-Add compatibility with T300 & T300RS :star_struck:

Unlisted for the time being due to numerous complaints. Will be listed again after review.

So I had added this hoping to be able to use my drift setup on FiveM and have it be server side. Sucks for that purpose :frowning: for just driving you’ll have fun but I was really hoping to see an easy menu to tweak settings to your own liking like the one on 5 mods. unfortunately disappointed. Another draw back is no support for my hand brake :frowning: Even if I can’t get a nice menu would love to see hand brake support

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