Fivem Gang System (script)

hi nice Release a few problems
1- armory , can you add count for weapons ex: 100 pistol , list of weapons can repeat weapon names and manage this is realy hard ex: pistol 100 ammo , pistol 100 ammo >> 2 pistol 100 ammo
2- add a range for action menu for gang members menu still working when i go away like 100m or more
3- arrest animation on cuff and uncuff are same and it’s not realistic
can you fix these problems?

how i can add a vehicle

hey my gang dont save on people?

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Hi @SassyX

Paste this code form client/main.lua

AddEventHandler("playerSpawned", function()

Thanks, for Perfect gang system @yeganehha


salam baraye gang ha che jori door lock bezaram

[gang] An error happens for query “UPDATE gangs_vehicle SET stored = true WHERE stored = ? : [false]”: connect ETIMEDOUT
IN moshkel ro che jori dorost konam

Im gettin invalid permission tho everything is correct?
Here is my server cfg:
start gang
add_principal identifier.steam:11000010a901e32 group.gangManager
add_ace resource.gang command.add_ace allow

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bring add ace resource gang above add pricipal

ensure gang
add_ace resource.gang command.add_ace allow
add_principal identifier.steam:11000010a901e32 group.gangManager

Nope didn’t work still gives “Invalid Permission”

hi script works, but cant add vehicles to the spawner, i drive into the marker press E but the option to store is greyed out

gang system works amazing, but when server restarts gang members dont have access to vehicle storage or anything

worked great for me thanks just wish it had in-game role…

is doing
the same for me


And same

Use his new one gangs v2, works perfectly

you don’t mind sending me the scripts please?

I would really love to get this working i am having a problem i followed everything what i am ment to do i am ESX so it wasnt that hard but when i try to put blips out or boss menu it dont work it says its doing it but nothing actully happens please can i get some help with this as i really want it to be working

Everyone please use [RELEASE] [FREE] guille_gangsv2 (Best FiveM gang script for ESX)
This is the new gang script