Fivem Gang System (script)

Fivem Stand A Lone Gang System

This stand a lone resource adds Gang System with armories, vehicle garages and ability for gang members to search, handcuff people and much more.

:bookmark: Credits:

By: @yeganehha (Erfan Ebrahimi)

Notice: Do not trade/sell this script at any point and time this is licensed and 100% Free

:right_anger_bubble: Features:

  1. Possibility to create extremely gang by admin
  2. Restrict gang members by admin
  3. Add expiration time for each gang by admin
  4. Ability to select the location of boss action, armory, locker room, car, helicopter and boat by the admin for each gang
  5. Ability to adjust the amount of bulletproof vest by the admin for each gang
  6. Ability to create different accesses to the gang action menu by the admin for each gang
  7. Ability to create different ranks by the gang manager
  8. Gang salary and bank account system
  9. Set the discord log by the gang manager for his gang
  10. Ability to adjust clothes and salary for each rank for the gang manager
  11. Armories, vehicle garages, impound and locker room for each gang
  12. Ability to search for player, handcuff, drag in gang action menu
  13. Ability to open doors of locked vehicle
  14. Gang members can see each other's position on the map.
  15. And much more....

v -
big update for explode character in multi character server
fix citizen error of salary
fix some other bugs

v -
fix export
fix vehicle impound
fix drag issue when player uncuff
add animation for hand cuff player
disable All Control when player cuffed

:camera: Demo Video:

show on Youtube

:lock: Requirements:

  • This stand a lone resource and nothing required
  • Pay attention! If you want to use armories, search and salary system of gang, you should sync resource with your FiveM core like ESX.
    • For syncing this resource with your core just need too add your core function to esxBaseFunction.lua or other core you use
    • We add ESX and ■■■■ core as default to this resource(Do not forget change your baseFunction file in the end of `__resource.lua` )

:gear: How to Install:

  1. Download the file from Github .
  2. Add all the files to the resources folder.
  3. Add the gang.sql file to the database.
  4. Sync BaseFunction.lua with your core (If your core is not ESX or ■■■■)
  5. Add this to your server.cfg.
    add_principal identifier.steam:xxxxxxxxxx group.gangManager
    add_ace resource.gang command.add_ace allow
    start gang
    change `xxxxxxxxxx` to your steam hex to access manage gangs
  6. If you want change config you should modify `config.lua` file.
  7. Restart your Fivem Server
  8. go in your server and use `/gangs` command (if not change from `config.lua` ) to open admin menu
  9. in creat gang, dont forget add expire time and other configuration
  10. palyer can use `/gang` command to refresh gang data in client

:cloud: Download:

via GitHub

Or show source on GitHub

:cloud: Developed:

you can use bellow exports in other client files

export description usage Example
isOwnGangVehicle check is vehicle related Player Gang for lock or unlock cars door
If you use esx_carlock , you can download file from here.
local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId()) exports['gang']:isOwnGangVehicle(vehicle)
getGangID Get Playr Gang ID Any Where You Want exports['gang']:getGangID()
getGangGrade Get Playr Gang Grade (0 for boss) Any Where You Want exports['gang']:getGangGrade()
getGangName Get Playr Gang Name in HUD or Any Where You Want exports['gang']:getGangName()
getGangGradeName Get Playr Gang Grade Name in HUD or Any Where You Want exports['gang']:getGangGradeName()

Be sure to drop a :heart: it helps you :smiley: If you have any issues with this script be sure to let me know
Do you enjoy my releases and enjoy code?


2 Download Links doesn’t work


Both of them were fixed.
Thanks for your information

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No Probem. Great work! :slight_smile:

Your script looks awesome and very promising. I’m trying to get it running on my test server. I have the database sql file imported into a DB called gang and linked via Async in the config but getting this error when I run /gangs

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same here

hello @tromac
at first of all please rename source from gang-beta to gang
and then, please send selectFromDB from BaseFunction file to me to i check that .
and are you rename the BaseFunction in __resource.lua ?

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Many thanks for your help.

The BaseFunction.lua has the following for selectFromDB:

function selectFromDB(query , params)
– for get data from your database
– for example:
– return MySQL.Sync.fetchAll(query, params )

I have renamed the resource to gang.

And in my __resource.lua I am using:

server_script ‘BaseFunction.lua’
client_script ‘BaseFunction.lua’

your welcome.

this function is Empty and nothing set for that ( All line in this function is comment ! ), are you use ESX or anything else ?

No, it’s going on a FivePD server as standalone

where you linked via Async ?

Very nice full script and Standalone! Thank you for this nice sharing of your work :wink:

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In my server.cfg I have:
set mysql_connection_string “user=root;database=gang”

no no no
please red installation in ( and developed your BaseFunction file like example and sync with your core.

if you use ESX or QBus i devloped for that and dont need to redevloped BaseFunction file, but for your core, you should add your core function to BaseFunction .

can you explain more

I read your installation documents but they aren’t very helpful for someone with limited development ability. Having said that I understand English may not be your first language and if so you have done a great job as is. Thanks for your assistance I’ll have to give this a miss on our server as I’m not able to get it working from your docs. You don’t mention anywhere about how to connect your script to the database in the installation section.

Uploading: Screenshot_1.png…

I have ESX, I try to install but I get this error.

Yes, exactly! In fact, English is not my first language and I can hardly convey the meaning to others.
You can extend your kernel file like esxBasFunction
However, by the end of the week I will also develop the FivemPDBaseFunction file and put it on github

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server_script 'esxBaseFunction.lua'


server_scripts {

in __resource.lua and dont forget to change name of resource from gang-beta to gang