Fivem Gang System (script)

Is there a way to change the blip colors? I would like them to be the colors of the gangs. AWESOME job btw This is working perfect in my server.

is other item delete from player inventory when insert to gang inventory ?
did you get any error ?

you want to change per each gang or all gang ?
for all gang you can change in config.lua
but if you want to change for each gang, please connect me

Yea I want to change it per gang.

please dm me, i can fix for you if you can pay !

how did you add this clothes

Having a bit of trouble I have added my steam hex id and it is saying I don’t have permissions

1 problem I’m facing is that if I have a gang, the resmon starts at 0.05 when I join the server
and as time goes, it increases even up to 0.80 after 3 hours of being in game…
And when I restart the resource, again it goes back to 0.05 but increases again over time.

It doesn’t happen when I have no gang set!!

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hi , i have problem with withraw menu , i see there max 3 or 4 colums and if have inside 10 different things you see only 3 or 4 items, how can i make it to show all kind of stuff ?

can you help me please? thank you

blip is not displaying when i add in menu

For some reason i can put in items into the armory but can only take out weapons and such. Items like phone, and drugs will not withdraw from the gang armory. Please help…

SCRIPT ERROR: @gang/esxBaseFunction.lua:181: attempt to index a function value (global ‘Player’)

why am i getting this?

can anyone guide me thru the install esx server

The Problem is Still there.

YES, that menu go out of support by developer
mayby if supported by customer i develop and fix that

How ya fix?

Says gangs no permsion

Add this to your server.cfg.

add_principal identifier.steam:xxxxxxxxxx group.gangManager
add_ace resource.gang command.add_ace allow
start gang

change xxxxxxxxxx to your steam hex to access manage gangs

Good day, may I ask if its possible to remove a vehicle from the gang and return it to my possesion? If so how?

this should be developed. if you want, connect me in direct message