FiveM Chromium subprocess causing high CPU usage IN MAIN MENU

GTA V version: 1.0.2060.1
Up to date?: Yes
Legit or Pirate copy?: Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club?: Steam
Windows version: 19041.508
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again?: Yes

System specifications: i3-6100, RX 480 8GB, 8GB RAM
What did you do to get this issue?: Open FiveM and load to menu, and thats it. Even when nothing is happening it idles at around 30-40% on just the chromium subprocess, and FiveM process uses atleast 20% (or whatever percentages to use up the rest of my cpu).
What server did you get this issue on?: Not related
CitizenFX crash zip file: No crash
CitizenFX Log: CitizenFX_log_2020-09-15T032446.log (51.1 KB)

Trace: 2020-09-14_23-07-45_xzuyn.etl (93.0 MB)

I’ve tried ending the chromium subprocess to see if it’ll fix itself, but it just restarts with the same amount of CPU usage. I’ve also tried turning off my antivirus (windows defender).

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anybody? this is still happening, even after restarting my computer multiple times.

i mean, i’m not sure this is much of an issue i’m pretty sure it’s just parts of fivem that are bigger than another. i would suggest upgrading your cpu as it’s extremely old. doesn’t work well with fivem

why would the menu need so much processing power though?

Were you ingame at the time or just in the menu?

just the menu, like whatever you call what pops up when you first launch fivem

this is the menu im talking about. before i even load into a server its already using close to 70% of my CPU. why on earth would a static menu require that much processing power?

GTA V is rather CPU intensive then GPU intensive, as @Refaced1 mentioned you’re using a pretty old CPU, which definitely causing this issue.

Recently upgraded from an Intel i5 6600K (which also had high CPU usage on FiveM) to a Ryzen 7 3700x, al of the ‘issues’ I had are gone. Everything runs extremely smooth.

I would rather suggest you to upgrade your CPU instead of creating an issue template about this, since this isn’t an issue at all.

My CPU works fine for everything else, even running GTA 5 normally. The issue im having is with the FIVEM MENU NOT GTA 5. There is no logical reason the menu should be using that much processing power.

Upgrading my CPU is not the solution. Either I have a setting wrong, or there is a bug in the menu.

The FiveM luancher gathers a lot of data from different platforms, which needs CPU power to collect and process all of the data.

What could it possibly be collecting and processing to require such a high amount of processing? I’ve never seen this sort of issue in anything. and why would it be collecting and processing 24/7? Only thing i can think of is fetching every little bit for the twitter feeds (atleast i think the feeds are twitter), and collecting server info, but both of those do not need that much power.

here are some other people with the same issue. this doesn’t seem like an issue that im only experiencing.

I’m now noticing that the menu has a game/video playing in the background. Could this be the cause? Is there any way to disable this?

No, you can’t disable that.

Though, if I were you I still wouldn’t say this issue is on FiveM. You’re running on a dual core CPU, even GTA V’s minimum requirements are suggesting a quad core CPU. A dual core CPU really doesn’t have enough base power te run all the data collection FiveM launcher’ does whilst doing other stuff / running software on the background. This doesn’t necessarily count for the other people posting about it, but it sure does for you.

Only thing i can think of is fetching every little bit for the twitter feeds

Well um, you’re missing a big one: all (10000+) servers, connected players, server statusses, server feeds, statistics and so on.

GTA 5 runs better than the main menu, and the issue is on my end?

You don’t seem to get it… GTA 5 doesn’t load up all those modifications and above all that, data.

You dont seem to get it, GTA 5 is a CPU hungry game, and the issue im having is with the FiveM menu being extremely laggy. I don’t doubt that it collects info from many places, but that doesn’t mean it should be using more processing power than GTA 5 itself. Something is clearly amiss.

Well, then I guess you’ll have to wait until someone from the collective replies :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope someone with more knowledge on this comes through.