🔫[ESX][QB] XeX Weapon Licenses - Practical and Theoretical exams with shooting range

Hello! New weapons license mod fully adjustable in complexity according to time and hits. Theoretical test and shooting practice point included. :gun: :identification_card:

10€ - Tebex Link: Here


  • Obtain theoretical weapons license with test and customizable UI.
  • Obtain a practical weapons license with minigame adjustable in complexity (playing with the targets and time via config)
  • Practice shooting with configurable and restrictable difficulty via license
  • Possibility of requesting payments before theoretical, practical or training tests
  • Functionality to eliminate the weapon if we leave the shooting room
  • Efficient weapon and ammo management, user will not gain weapons or ammo.
  • Check so that only 1 person can use the shooting range at a time
  • Countdown sound without extra dependencies
  • Efficient resource management, low consumption and optimized for large servers
  • Fully translatable, translations included in ENG/ES
  • Configurable from prices, markers, weapons, targets, adapt it according to your needs.
  • Updates included and automatic verification



XeX scripts:
xex_pilotschool (free)
xex_slots (free)
xex_rewards (free)

Feel free to ask or propose improvements, I read you!

-Added new version with minor fixes on scrow translations
-New version compatible with QB Core!

Code is accessible 95% yes, only server scrow
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 447 client 87 server + UI
Requirements ESX / QB
Support Yes

Does this support metadata?

What do you mean by metadata? If you explain in more detail I can try to answer. As for licenses, I don’t know very well what you can refer to. The resource allows to obtain 2 types of weapons licenses (theoretical and practical), using esx_license. By not having scrow other than on the server side, it is practically 100% configurable and expandable.

I have noticed similarities between your script and the free script esx_dmv school specially your UI is totally copy paste of esx dmv school

Do you think I’m trying to hide it? What is the problem?

Nice release :+1:t2: What is the name of this status and money hud? I like it!

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If your not hiding then at least give credit and as a developer, it is not only unethical but also a violation of intellectual property laws to use or claim credit for work that you did not create and trying to sell. Secondly bro you don’t even know what is metadata :rofl:

Nice bro…! :sweat_smile:

It’s a unification of styles in the hud from trew_hud_ui and the onlineJobs mod. All the best.