(ESX/QB) Police and Medic MDT / Computer

With this script we present the all-in-one MDT solution for your server.

For police and ambulance!


General functions, which are part of the Police and Ambulance computer:

  • Employees:
    → Employee management

→ Create, join and manage trainings (with log in the staff management)

→ Mission Reports

  • Radio traffic:

→ set up different radio status (e.g. 0 = available, 1 = on duty)

manage all emergency vehicles (with the states from above)

→ take the control centre

  • Full rank management (permissions)

→ set individual permissions for every rank

Special ambulance functions:

  • detailed medical logs

injuries, therapy, follow-up therapy required?

  • files about every player can be created (including the blood type and more)

Special police functions:

  • detailed crime logs

citizen register, wanted, licenses and more

vehicle register (can be marked as wanted, additional notes like diplomatic vehicle possible)

weapon register (e.g. register every weapin which was used in a crime)

  • Manhunts (Wanted)

→ Search for people, weapons, and vehicles

  • Law books to check for punishments

  • Investigation folders



Employee managament:

Control center:

Medical file management:

For more impressions check out the Showcase Video or feel free to ask!

Regarding Escrow

We paid the highest attention to the opportunity that everybody can simply modify everything without any encryption.
For this matter we only escrowed one pretty small functions, which never have to be modified and can’t cause any problems into the escrow file. So I can promise 100% that you will not even notice this protection, when you aren’t willed to leak the script. If you encounter any problems through this, we’ll directly remove those functions from the escrow file or simply remove it entirely.

Code is accessible 98% (See above)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 5000+
Requirements ESX or QB
Support Yes

Price: 29.99 + tax
Get the script at: https://luis-scripts.tebex.io/package/5707790

:heart: Feel free to check out some of our other scripts


The design looks clean and @Luiiis always produces quality work. I will definitely check this out.


Thank you so much!

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It looks good.
When I had a server, I had a few of your scripts. Everything ran right away without any problems.
You do clean, quality work. Keep it up :+1:


if your job_grades haven’t consecutive numbers the system will load them now (before enless loading caused by javascript error)
Command is now clientside to prevent permission errors
Collation bug fixable via Config.lua (Config.FixCollationErrors)
There are no more errors when saving rights again

Hotkeys to open system and radio-states (via Config)
Small UI for radio-state quickselection
Autosync for users, vehicles, users_licenses (Of course via Config)
Autosync for defined licenses (Default ESX or myDocuments) via Config
Weapons register can now be disabled
Owner for Weapons and Vehicles are now selectable files
Vehicles are now Displayed in the file itself
the color schemes are now changeable in Config.Systems

note refresh before restart the script


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Luis you can not set the range as you said because there is always an error [ script:myEmergency] SCRIPT ERROR: ?: -1: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘myEmergeny’)

the setting isn’t there either and the collationfix.lua file is also missing in the server folder Config.FixCollationErrors isn’t there either

Luis man kann die range nicht einstellen wie du es gesagt hast weil da kommt immer ein fehler [ script:myEmergency] SCRIPT ERROR: ?: -1: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘myEmergeny’)

die einstellung ist auch nicht da und die datei collationfix.lua fehlt auch in den server ordner Config.FixCollationErrors ist auch nicht da

Heute morgen zuletzt aktualisiert bitte neu runterladen.

Wir haben die version drauf da hat sich nichts geändert noch mal runtergeladen wenn man den rank police 3 hat kann man das mdt nicht öffnen und wenn man die unter boss eintragen tut können die es öffnen erst


Gibt ja bereits eine neue Version. Ansonsten den Support nutzen so wie du es sonst ja auch machst. Dort können wir schneller und besser herausfinden woran es liegt :wink:

Update - 09.08.2023

  • Fixed a javascript bug that blocked the loading of manhunts.
  • Names are now displayed for vehicles and weapons in manhunt (previously only License).
  • Debug option added to Config.
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Added a whole Documentation for every question and setting :wink:
Can be found in the Keymaster download now.

Update - 21.08.2023

  • Default layout for additional systems (e.g. Fire) - rights are written to the database when the script is started
  • Laws table column “others” is now displayed in the UI
  • Service numbers are now displayed in the ControlCentre
  • Error when leaving emergency vehicles fixed
  • Active forces & vehicles are now displayed above the inactive ones in the ControlCentre
  • Mission Reports are sorted by mission date in descending order

Hey, I’m having an issue with the Dashboard for the MDT being stuck loading.

The error I’m getting in F8 is "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’) in myemergency/html/js/system.js line 150

– let JSONS = input.split(“”)
let retval = “”; –

Which looks the same as it did before I updated the script. Could anyone give me advice on this?

Hi, könntest du ein Dispatch System hinzufügen? so wie im Sonoran CAD? suche so ein system schon lange aber Sonoran ismir zu Teuer & andere scripts überschneiden sich mit myemergency. Wäre super wenn du das hinbekommst das es vlt auch mit D-phone funktioniert.
Ambesten das man auch in der cfg einstellen kann wer welche Dispatches sieht z.b.
[“police”] = {
allowed = {“police”, “ambulance”},

Oder sowas in der art.
kann nicht scripten also weiß ich nicht ob’s Funkioniert oder nicht.

Noch eine Idee wäre einen Taktik Planer mit eingebauter und Syncronisierter Live Map wie im rcore mdt.

Wäre super wenn du das hinbekommst :smile:

Woran liegt es wenn der fehler code kommt Script Error @myemergency /server/server.lua:7no such export Getcore0bject in resource qb-core


dann ist QBCore nicht vorher gestartet.

Hey, ein Dispatch System ist hierfür nicht geplant.

Ok, schade :smiley: