[ESX] imports dealership Updated With working server.lua

Esx_carimports. and esx_imports with the dealer job I made this script some time ago and removed it due to people having problems with the SQL. I have now fixed this after some time away.

let me know your servers you add this too and I might come to check you out

Please add the SQL to your DB before starting this and restart the server. git hub link is at the bottom

Also please note this is an edit of ESX_truckshop. https://github.com/HumanTree92/esx_truckshop so all respect to him.

So this is a car import script made to add more options to RP servers now I made this so people could add aftermarket cars and overseas cars to it like JDM ect and more into there server and make it more real. This works with the advanced garage as well

Now I have added 2 cars into the SQL these are base cars and need changing for you. I will leave a video on how to do this.

This script is a whole new dealership and won’t mess with another one you have

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Updated with the working server.Lua out the box on the 13/11/2020.

Upped the sell back % to 95. change this in the config


Ok, guys thank you so much for all the love. I know all I am doing is editing the esx_vehicle into its own dealership.

What I am doing is making this but with the job, but I am making more than one so please let me know what you want them to be

New link https://github.com/jamybboyjd/carimports1.2


Thanx I will try it

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Will try this. Thanks!

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can it be cheated with cheat engine?

not tested BUT it is a edit of ESX-truckshop and that is built off the esx_vehicleshop so it has all the stuff from there. but again not tested

Just go into the SQL file of the script and remove the line that says USE ESSENTIAL MODE add it again and there you go.

if it says anything already is in the DB then search it remove it and add the file back into your DB

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Just go into the SQL file of the script and remove the line that says USE ESSENTIAL MODE mode and there you go

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You are amazing, now I can attach SQL files to my database! THANKS, good script :slight_smile:

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glad i could help mate, i had this problem as well when i started making my server

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why didnt u use the vehicleshop for this i was looking for a similair script i tryed to dupe vehicleshop because i wanted to have 1 open shops for low end and stock gta cars and one for high end addons but i also wanted it to be a job and this script doasnt have a job attached to it i am going to try it another time if nobody beats me to it

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i can make it around that dude if that would help

if u want to do it that wil be great i realy want to understand it myself so maybe i can learn from it by comparing i tryed it my self but i just dont quit understand what i am missing i made te jobs diffrent i changed te esx line and the sql vehicles list thing but it wouldent work for some reason maybe i can find my mystake’s

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so give me a week to make this, i am happy to go over yours as well if you wish.

making this live on twitch now mate. wont post the link as i dont want to piss anyone off

yoo thank you very much for the effort men i tryed to watch ur stream i was there for a vieuw mins but i got into a call with a guy about cad so i wasnt able to watch much. can u maybe also explain how i get those big probs u used i have like 55k probs but i dont have things like buildings as far as i know atleast

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hi mate. i use this. it added so much more on https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder

I am very close to having this script with the job as well. let me know any other car dealer you want that with

Hey mate.

I’m sure I’m not the only one but I have been using for a alternative mod to use other then ESX Vehicle Shop to create a secondary dealership which is player owned and run. Looking forward to see your mod with the added features you are working on.

I also want to have the standard dealership sell the standard GTA cars and all custom cars I want to have on the player owned and run dealership.

Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

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thanks man, means alot, all i am doing is making the esx_vehicle shop into its own dealership so all credit to the guy that made the first one.

why this is taking so long is i am making more then one with different names ect, plus i am working on a shit PC lol, should speed up soon once i upgrade the CPU.

What types of this script would you like to see?

hey mate. Pretty much as I mentioned above. Second dealership which is player run. Most suggested features listed below already exist in the main one so not trying to re-invent the wheel. Just maybe improve on it.

Suggested features :

  • car dealer (player) needs to be online to sell the vehicle
  • the option to test drive with the dealer being able to spawn them perhaps
  • option for the dealership to buy cars from other players and store them
  • society money for the dealers to use when purchasing second hand cars
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