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We are currently working on a rewrite to cleanup the code and revamp the sync system.

The source code for this version will not be available to the public.

We are expecting a release in 6 months time, hopefully earlier if time permits

Legacy ELS-Plus

Compile source is available on discord for those wanting to test. Any questions concerns please feel free to contact the devs in the respective channels.

Source Code

thanks @dexslab


you sir, are a legend


What do you mean, announce how you will be releasing? This is a countdown to… an announcement? Why not make a countdown to an actual release?

If you don’t clarify this explicitly we’ll be required to lock this topic due to upcoming policy changes, this smells like advertising for commercial activities.


I have been contacted by private individuals would like to have the script and I am not sure if I want to charge for it. If I charge for the script how and what parts of it should I make free. As of right now I want to release the lights and sirens as two different scripts as the lights will take me more than one month to complete.

Advertising a script on the forums? Dude…


Always willing to beta test

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If you had done the smallest amount of research and testing you would find that ELS works in FiveM and that you only need to script siren sounds.

From your topic a day ago, (Need help syncing sounds) I see you are far away from even figuring the logic of using tables to store data and using them as objects. Let alone syncing said sounds.

This topic is boisterous and rediculous.


The only thing is the lights are slow but that was the same in GTA IV they fixed it in the mod itself though but he could be trying to fix that

I have figured out how to properly track the siren sounds and to properly play them across all clients joining and already joined players.

Then what exactly are you waiting to announce?

@Boss people need to be more appriciative than an ass

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Reread the post it sates the release date

Yeah, I read it. What are you releasing exactly? The video shows a dual siren.

I really hope you change your mind on charging for this script. That right there is what ruins communities. Having scripts free and open source means everyone wins. I understand if you want to make the script for yourself and maybe a handful of other people but if that is the case then don’t release it and especially don’t charge money for it.

Your hard work will be rewarded with gratitude and the satisfaction that everyone will be using a script you made. If people want to give you money in a form of a donation, then by all means.

I really hope @Boss and the rest of the team make advertising and charging for scripts part of the TOS, making it against the rules.


Yeah I’d be more inclined to make a donation for an open source script more because it’s just me and two guys doing little patrols together so we don’t have the money to buy these fifty dollars scripts that the big communities are using.


I think Cole raises an important issue.

A donation option/button for a script release seems reasonable enough, to me at least. It means you are sharing the code for the good of the community, no strings attached, but you can be rewarded by those who choose to do so using a financial contribution.

This model could EASILY generate more revenue for the scripter than what one selfish, small-minded server owner is willing to pay ‘on hire’ in order to keep a script temporarily “exlusive”. Temporarily that is until someone else creates a similar script.

But I would hope the thread lock / ban hammer comes down on all topics involving for profit, exclusive scripts. Something needs to change in the competitive, exclusive, zero sum game culture of the community.


i agree Loque and Cole

I build the open src one but it doent work.

To get ELS and siren functional together I disabled siren sound in in a constant loop - this stops the siren blip. Then I used PlaySoundFromEntity() to play the respective siren while making each different tone a state (0-3). The state of the player’s siren is then sent to the server every x ms. The information passed to the server is: 1. constant default siren mute 2. The current siren state.

I try to keep the amount of information passed to the server minimal so: TriggerServerEvent('SirenState', vehSirenState[MyVehicle()]) is the only thing I need. vehSirenState is a table that stores all siren states for all players. The siren state is then accessible by vehSirenState[veh], where veh is a variable set by GetVehiclePedIsIn(GetPlayerPed(GetPlayerFromServerId(PID))), where PID is a variable set by a client function triggered by the server. Therefore, we can access each siren state like an object.

have you thought of disabling the horn key then call ‘CONTROLS::IS_DISABLED_CONTROL_JUST_RELEASED’? And would what you propose support multiple tones at the same time?