[crm-tattoos] Advanced tattoos script with custom categories for jobs and gangs.

Advanced tattoos script with custom categories for jobs and gangs.

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Features of crm-tattoos.

Smooth User Experience: Best-in-class camera and character movement for an easy and smooth user experience.
Restricted Access: Restrict access to specific categories for particular jobs or gangs, ensuring only designated group members can use their affiliated tattoos.
Sidebar Zones: Organization of tattoos by zones (head, torso, legs, etc.).
Sidebar Categories: Option to categorize tattoos based on categories (animals, skull tattoos, etc.).
Tattoos Opacity: Ability to adjust tattoo opacity.
Payment Options: Pay for tattoos with either cash or bank balance.
Owned Tattoos Management: View and manage all owned tattoos in the Owned Tattoos category.
Remove All Tattoos: Option to remove all owned tattoos with a single click.
UI Elements: Built-in UI elements including text UI, notifications, and markers.
Multi-Language: The resource is translated into many languages.
Colors : Easily customize colors to fit your server theme.
Documentation: A documentation website and tutorial videos to help you install/configure the resource.


Other CoreM scripts.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +3000
Requirements QBcore/ESX
Support Yes
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