[crm-pausemenu] Advanced ESC/Pause menu with job announcements, marketplace and more

Advanced pause menu with job announcements, marketplace and more…

Preview video & Documentation.

Features of crm-pausemenu .

Job Announcements: Built-in job announcements, allowing your players to stay updated on the latest job postings.
Marketplace: Built-in marketplace where players can either sell their products or submit requests for items they wish to buy.
Character Info: You can see your character’s job, grade, cash, bank balance and birthdate.
Logout Button: You can log out from your character directly from the pause menu.
Quick Note: You can write down your notes and tasks in the quick note text area, ensuring you remember them each time you open the menu.
Rules: rules page, where you can see the server rules.
Key binds & Commands: where players can learn about the functions of each key bind and command.
Social Links: you can integrate your server’s social links.
Custom Buttons: You can add custom buttons to the pause menu, example a button to open phone, or to open an external link.
Multi-Language: The resource is translated into many languages.
Colors: Easily customize colors to fit your server theme.
Documentation: A documentation website and tutorial videos to help you install/configure the resource.


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Requirements QBcore/ESX
Support Yes

The script is very beautiful, smooth and quick to use, very beautiful design, and the best after-sales service! An integrated script, I have never faced any problems… and the store’s technical support also helps me with side problems! They are really the best

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Amazing script, bought this and the Multi-Character, lot of work has gone into this

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Nezaik is a very good dev.
I already have 5 scripts of his.
I will gladly try another one. They also have the best support right now.

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