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Discord was just launched in July of this year with one simple goal in mind, a place where Role-player’s new or old have a place to be amongst a meaningful community and a place to call home.
Development started at the start of June, since starting development everyday has been committed to creating and designing a City that has the potential to help build your character development.

We are a public community with the hopes to eventually become whitelisted, with an in-depth application that will make the player choose what sort of story they want out of their character.
Our goal is for people to be attached to their character creations, evolve their characters and become a story within the community.

In the City of Conspiracy there is a tonne of features already implemented into the city and we also have plenty of ideas that are yet to come!
Criminal activity is a huge part of of most cities and we understand that this is what most players want when they come into a City!
In Conspiracy we have plenty of criminal activities for you to participate in… BUT… we don’t want to spoil all the fun so we will leave most of that for you to find out in RP!!
As much as we are dying to show off what we have created and got in store for you that is less than legal… we also understand that it’s something that should be roleplayed to get that information!

Although! What we do want to share with you is some of the legal jobs and features you’ll find around the city of Los Santos!

:recycle: | Garbage Job - A job that you and 3 other friends can do together to make the city a cleaner place.

:moneybag: | Window Cleaning - A Solo job that you can do which takes you around to all the businesses in the city to clean their windows and also interact with the other citizens.

:truck: | Trucking - A Solo job that you deliver an assortment of goods, from cars to groceries, to fuel.

:taxi: | Taxi - A solo job that has you picking up locals, also can allow you pick up players and charge them with a fare that you see fit.

Many more Jobs and also Whitelisted Jobs that you can Apply for by interacting with the business owners in the City.

:doughnut: | Food, Drink & Stress - We have a food, drink and stress based system here, however, it’s not a case of you die if your hunger and thirst runs out.
If you run out of food or drink, you will start to get stressed out and over time lead to possible loss of life. The idea behind it all is so players can interact with the businesses for fresh food.
And don’t fear! You can buy food still at gas stations. But its better off if you buy from Local Businesses. The foods there might just have some Perks.

:ring: | Support for weddings! - We also understand that a lot of people like to really in depth with their RP, have no fear we have support for weddings and have already had a wedding.
The married couple couldn’t be anymore happier with life. The ceremony was Fantastic and the Reception by the Pool was fantastic.

:racing_car: | Custom cars - Custom Cars will be implemented into the City once the Local Dealership owner gets the appropriate licenses in order.

:house_with_garden: | MLO’s - We have imported a lot of custom buildings within the city, places that don’t require fast travels to enter.
These range from businesses that can be bought even to starting your own club with Club houses. These allows to try and keep the RP a lot more smoother.

:man: :woman: :man: | Multi Characters - We currently offer all players up to 6 characters that have independent phone numbers and bank accounts so you aren’t limited to sticking with just one character.

:house: | Housing - We have custom housing that allows you to buy your own house and furnish it to your liking. With over 500 options to choose from ranging from beds to couches and even the kitchen and bathroom
can be done by you. You also have the ability to share you house keys with another trusted friend so they can enter your house even if your not in the city. (Could be useful for a stash house, but who knows)

The list goes on, here at Conspiracy our goal is to provide players with lots of unique features that enhance your experience within the city, gives you a reason to jump on, meet up with and make new friends and have a blast.
In Conspiracy your Roleplay is only Limited to what your Imagination will let you. We want everyone to feel like they can really be anyone.

In Conspiracy we are aiming provide a unique and one-of-a-kind experience, a place that feels different to other cities but having all the same creature comforts.

We are also allowing citizens to create and start their own Businesses, with the city council taking votes and making sure the right steps are taken when a citizen applies!
The aim is to provide the player with all the required tools to further their story and give others the opportunity to seek work within the new business.

LSPD An strong and ambitious team with hopes to bring an overall positive interaction between officers and citizens. With the ability to climb the ranks and prove that you are the best officer out there.
A Fully Functioning MDT system to track criminal activities. Conspiracy offers any player a great place to start a strong career. (Certain Requirements to be met)
Also with plans to integrate more departments such as BCSO and SAHP etc.

EMS also boasts a state of the art facility at Pillbox Medical Hospital as its main HUB. EMT’s in Conspiracy have the chance to create great avenues of RP, by giving you the ability to give them treatment
in the best manner possible and also interact with anyone who comes through those doors.

C&C Motors is a notable brand within the city owned By Clive and Cleetus Farmer. With countless parts and paints for individual cars, it gives you an endless amount of combinations to tinker with.
Castle Motors is a Car Dealership owned and Operated by Frank Castle. Cars are always been shipped in with Imported custom cars coming in the Future.
Conspiracy currently offers more than 60 vehicles and this number is forever expanding, which gives you the chance to be unique.
Don’t worry there is also the ability to trick your car out with some not so Legal Car Mods… But Let’s not spoil that for you.

Desi’s Café is the local Café in town that sells all the food you could need, ranging from Panini’s to Latte’s to even a cookie. All of the foods from the café are made with love and come with some special bonuses.
Also did I mention that the café also has a legal edible license so grab yourself some of those edibles and relieve some of that stress you have gained from speeding.

More businesses are opening and you too could open your own business too.

I know it might look like we have a lot of features within the city but things can get stale when you do them over and over, we understand all this as afterall we are gamers too. That’s why we also have a roadmap of some things that are yet to come. Developing a server never stop and new features will always be added and updated to current ones, this will come as the server updates too.

:red_car: | Custom Cars - We are looking to add custom cars and will start to bring them in when most of the vanilla GTA cars have been pushed through. Suggestions for cars are also good. You might just get your dream car.

:film_projector: | We have a movie screen that can be used if you want to host an event. Or even if we decide to have a server movie night.

:gun: | More Criminal activities - We understand crime is a big part and are always looking at new ways to keep the crime fresh and make it less repetitive.

:man_office_worker: | Profession/Skill system - A way for players to give their characters skills and professions that lead to better task handling.

:man_factory_worker: | Economy Integration - We want everyone in the city to feel like they play a vital part within the city. So to make the city feed off each other, if people don’t go mining then mechanics cant get materials to make car parts
to upgrade someone’s car. If people aren’t picking food for the businesses then no one can eat. So the little guy is just as important as the business owners.

:man_judge: | Justice System - In the Future we look to implement a Justice system for those who are looking to gown down that RP path.

:roller_coaster: | Outdoor leisure/group activities - We do have Paintball and we do have hunting and go-karting, but still these can get a bit stale. We are always looking to find ways for you and your friends to kick back and relax every now and then.

:bulb: | Server Events - We are always looking way to implement server events that everyone can be apart of, whether is a gone in 60 seconds type of event to even a large scale hide and seek.
Who knows what the future events will be and we want you to be apart of the event

… and so much more, the list is extensive and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

I hope by now I have gained your attention and curiosity. Now its time to be honest with you. Our core staff group is small and all the development group is small, but this doesn’t mean that its not going to be awesome, just some things will take some time.
There will be some issues that occur, and there will be areas that need attention but that’s okay. I’m not sitting here saying that our server is perfect because we are always changing and updating to suit our player base.

We aim to be a fair community, which starts with our staff. Our staff are all friendly and are always approachable, and available almost all around the clock. If you make a mistake we aren’t going to send you straight to the Ban-Hamas after one mistake, after all we are all human.
But we do want to deliver the upmost quality RP possible. Bans or warning wont be just dished out just for no reason at all, and you will also have a chance to appeal your ban/warning with our team. We understand some people are new to RP and understand that you will make mistakes,
We were all you once upon a time.

In the future we will be accepting donations with 100% of the proceeds go straight back into keeping the city going and keep the community a fun place.

Does this sound like the Server for you then use the join link below and make your character today. I cant wait to meet you all and see what RP you can come up with.

~ConspiracyRP Team.


We have Finished Making our own Custom UI. Hats off to our very cleaver Developer ConsKrypt, future plans are to eventually make the UI completely adjustable to suit the players preference eg. Move them around hide certain elements make them only show when needed. So come in and see our new UI Today.

Another update coming in from our small server. We have a New Business opening called Hudson Tavern. Will be open in the next few days. Would love to see any new faces there to show some love and support.

Just another day on the job… Been a good start to the shift. Maybe i need a ride-along

If you have any questions about what you can do in the city or anything relating to the city feel free to message me either via the Conspiracy:RP discord: Conspiracy:RP

or message me directly via discord: JerkyTurk#6633

Love to see you in the Conspiracy!!

The new Tavern will be opened tomorrow. Free Drinks for anyone who uses the Code Conspiracy at the bar. Would love to see anyone down there and support a newly opened business.

Getting ready to possibly have some fun.

Just another day in the city of Conspiracy.

At the

Grand Opening of the Tavern. I think I may have had too much to drink.

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Thank you for coming to the Grand Opening of the tavern, look forward to the future and what the tavern can provide for the citizens of Conspiracy.

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I Feel like we have one the best communities, One of our members Decided to go out of his way to help design a new loading screen for us using some of the members in the city as inspiration, truly amazing work. This member is also very good at RP and his story arc is one to remember.

See you in the Conspiracy!!

I Lost a bet and had to bleach my hair white… Safe to say I wont be making the same mistake again.
Is there any bets you want to make against me, if so come and make a bet.

Nothing more satisfying than catching your mark. Criminal Scum - 0 LSPD - 1. Think you can do better then try your luck with a large range of criminal activities in the city of Conspiracy.

A small update coming from the Development team of Conspiracy. We have updated our clothing shop to be more user friendly easy to use, and allows you the ability to remove masks and hats etc. This is also is the same setup for character creation too. More practical for people to use and the feedback from members have been an resounding positive. Come in and check out for yourself too.
~Conspiracy:RP Team

This is seriously, one of the most friendly/serious RP servers I have been apart of. All members are considerate of one another, and respect the story you are taking your character on. I’ve tried all the jobs around the city, and they all pay similar to white listed jobs, meaning you can be successful even if you collect garbage for a living. All businesses, are well run, and the owners/workers are all friendly.

If your interested in a RP server, I seriously recommend trying Conspiracy out. I think I found a server to call home. Look forward to meeting more people inside the conspiracy.

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Some serious Police Investigating taking place right here.

If your Looking to start a career in either the medical field or the PD then come down and talk to the hiring officers for the respective departments and see if you have what it takes to be join.

I have my own private security guard. Keeping the kids in check.